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320wde_JustSay_No_B-O As if I needed corroboration for my intuitions — I usually don’t, not unless I have conflict about what I intuit and I nearly never do — I’ve been reading the “Obama Truth File” ongoing articles and discussions over at FreeRepublic — though I don’t have a user account on that site, I do read the site as to particular issues of concern to me.

It is encouraging to read there that so many American voters (and individuals from other parts of our globe) recognize the radical fright that an Obama “Presidency” would be for the United States and for the rest of the world. As also recognize and are concerned about, as I am, the many truly objectionable if not apparently false pretenses that categorize Barack Obama and the campaign that is intent on implanting him — perhaps by counterintelligence methods — into the U.S. Presidency.

And once again, the U.S. voter leads the way in busting the Cult of Personality that, unfortunately, many Leftists the world over fall victim to over and over again and the Obama Cultism is not only no exception, it appears to be the latest and most destructively-intended operation I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime as an American citizen.

Read the Obama Truth File often, and if you have the time, pay close attention to the links and additional information that users include on the individual articles linked there.

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  1. Absolutely loved this site. Great reads; very informative. I’m blogrolling you under “Real American Blogs.”

  2. Maura says:

    That is an great image of BHO: chilling. And chilling it should be, to draw sufficient attention to what and who this person truly is. Something must be done to stand against the waves of adulation of those who have believed the hype & lies.

    To me it seems that BHO is the most dangerous candidate ::ever::, when one can finally get past his rhetoric and double-speak and see what he could actually conceivably do to this nation, if elected. I pray to God that BHO is not elected.

  3. -S- says:

    Thank you, “Loyal Eagle.” Apologies for taking three days to publish your kind comments — I have been away.