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Barack Obama is the “Cult-Leader of today’s fomenting rise of “Liberal fascism” (Socialism in it’s extreme become fascist). And the media — much of which is populated by the Left (in the U.S. and elsewhere) is now beyond disgusting in their emotional hyperbole of this Cult-Leader, Obama-as-“phenomenon.”

Only he is not a phenomenon, nor are the developments of which he ushers unique. Because he and developments are what cults and cult figures do: they foment, bombard and pummel any whiff or hint of other voices from other rooms, rooms and voices where the cult is not popular. Which means where the rest of us are and we’re facing slammed doors and slamming rants throughout the media because we are not members of this cult.

The recurring pop-up in human history of fascist movements appears to occur whenever there’s a gap been perceived in exploitable generalities — exploitable generalities like resentments because someone’s not whatever or is whatever, or, dislikes those who are either or those who are not — happens predictably because there are just enough vulnerable, impressionable people among our species who are too willing to be taken.

The truth is, there are no easy answers to life’s difficulties. Obama’s a liar of long-witnessed lies and his media personna is nothing more than a media creation by a man who apparently assumed egoism was his solution as to a life he’d lead.

So, reality is tough to handle at times and if it was not, there would not be so much “need” displayed throughout humanity for cosmetic, plastic alleviations (or, time out from reality) such as drugs, delusions, chants and slogans and Obama the cult-leader.

In Obama’s case and today’s fomenting Socialism with plans for a fascist government takeover of the U.S., the same was said and observed about Adolf Hitler in his rise to horror and yet few read his past at the time of that rise, or, if they did, refused to believe that such results as later occured could ever occur. Adolf, the favored and endeared among those who loved him, Adolf, the great speaker, Adolf, the man who “gave hope” to “the people,” and Obama, who sells the “hope” and “change” to the similarly gullible and emotionally-driven. Both epitomize the essence of Cult Leaders.

Barack Obama’s original so-called “autobiography” has to be read — the original version without the scrubbing that it later received so he could pass more easily before the public into privilege — to gather who this guy is (aside from the media hype) and he isn’t the edited, revised version. Obama has learned to rephrase and reposition inorder to mislead by simply avoiding being lucid (or call it being evasive); In his own words he admits this:

“It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied, they were relieved — such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.”

I concluded a while ago — and wrote so here numerous times before this current month — that this Obama display of step-and-turn-and-step-and-turn amidst the “ahhs” and “uhhs” when no teleprompter was present indicates dishonesty and easily hypnotizes those whose stamina is weak: many people relent or concede (or both) because it’s easier than raising the facts that expose the deception. It’s a big problem when the deceiver gains national and then international power to command millions by any means available.

If anyone needs proof of the fascism that Socialism nurtures and then brings to fruition when and as the rest of us don’t speak up or speak louder — even when the doors are slammed — just read and listen to the mainstream media today. They’ve lost all humor (did they ever have any), Obama is presented as a new golden animal around which adulators now chant — their vehicle to rise — and the audacity of doping among the Left is that of abuse and the Left media has taken the largest dose ever.

I’d like to point out — which I was glad to read a lone reporter in Europe pointed out yesterday, too, though I worry they were then pummeled afterward — that Obama is a U.S. Senator (and has but a brief few years as such, that’s the extent of it), he is not as of this writing a President (of the U.S. or anywhere else), he is not, contrary to what his foaming nonsensical campaign states, a “head of state” (the Obama campaign described Obama days ago as going on this trip abroad to “meet with other heads of state”).

Thus, if I was in Germany, a citizen there, or a citizen of Iraq or anywhere else, I’d wonder what this parading pony of a guy was doing there, complete with entourage. I hold out hope that worldwide, there are individuals who can see past the hype and refuse the cult, even if it means the cameras will point elsewhere. Adolf was adulated by the cameras, too.

On the eve of Obama’s “impending speech” in Berlin, I declare, “ich bin kein mitglied dieser sekte,” or, I am not a member of this cult. Let’s hope that Berliners experience some embarrassment as to Obama’s presumptions while they remember history with a seriousness that lays bare Obama’s triumph of the wus.


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