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I’m wishing everyone today a very Happy Father’s Day, and, remembering my own Dad with immense affection. There is rarely a day goes by and has for years now since his passing on that I do not think of him, regret my own youthful lack of awareness in expressing more to him how much he meant to me, and in sharing more with him as to what he was about and the events of his life. We all, I do believe, take so much for granted about our fathers as unique and separate individuals from our own lives, and, our obvious youth as they then are aging puts that added vaguery between child and father even into our adult and older father relationship ages. It’s only as I myself grow older since my father’s passing on that I sometimes — literally — hang my head and pray that my father, now in Heaven, forgives me my awkward insensitivities as I grew.

Happy Father’s Day to all, fathers, children, all of us, this human condition, these men, fathers, who are so important and so little told with what love and appreciation they are held and then recalled, missed and with what immense love they are.


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