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320wde_McClellan_AttackingSpeechBubble I’ve been writing in several areas of the internet since yesterday that whoever published the Scott McClellan book (as also whoever ghost-wrote it) ought to be closely examined, in addition to all this discussion about McClellan.

Dot-Red And here I find this: The Soros-McClellan Connection.

I question how President Bush and other key members of his Administration could be quite so taken in by Scott McClellan. The degree of resentments and borderline-destructive hatefulness that constitutes this book (so the exerpts reveal) is startling, mostly due to the book being conjecture and literally, gossip (as I’ve read from exerpts, have not read the entire book, not eager to do so due to me not wanting to donate any money to the project, but, I’ll give in and at least read a copy): McClellan has opined scenarios as representing vast, elaborate “conclusions”. His assumptions and imagings pose as conclusions based upon his very-much-third-party and often not intrinsically involved vantage points on key decisions and decision-makers in the Bush Presidency. And, his “conclusions” are not facts.

If McClellan’s instincts — his state of being that shaped his perceptions and encouraged negative assumptions as he’s related them in this book (based, again, on exerpts I’ve read) — produced such a terrible stain as this, then that is very telling about the man inside the mask.

Several former Bush Administration employees and advisors have appeared in the media today and remarked at how “startled” they were (Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer, later today, Mary Matalin and several others, some even currently employed in the White House) at this book and at these allegations by McClellan, while, what this tells me is that McClellan almost certainly was who he since yesterday has revealed himself to be but who remained highly treacherous (motives, unknown at this stage of events) and immensely untrustworthy while being employed as a trusted employee, even a spokesperson.

Dot-Red Thus, this “Soros” “connection” that’s been uncovered is no surprise to me. And the motives? Look no further than Socialist Soros and maniacal Marxism from and on the Left.

Now that I’ve mentioned the maniacal, the maniacal Nancy Pelosi burps in — she hasn’t read the bookthat she “completely agrees” with McClellan’s book o’ conjectures (the Gossip Queens o’ the Hill, I suspect).

And, sadly but predictably, Mr. Obamabonics declares that inuendo, allegations, conjecture and other gossip are “confirm(ation) of what (he and other Leftists) have thought….”

I am concerned as to what extent the Bush White House is affected (or, perhaps, “infected”) with others like McClellan. And why the man was tolerated (and trusted) as he was for so long. Clearly, the motive was not to exemplify trust, nor to reason in a trustworthy fashion. In other words, McClellan has proven himself to be of very, very bad character, almost certainly disgruntled because his employment was terminated. And well suited to being further victimized by a willing, eager, exploitive Left. Especially the Left with a lot of money.

Dot-Red Update:
(Obama’s paraded as heroic, Hillary Clinton and President Bush are villified in them all — who could have guessed?)

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  1. christmasghost says:

    This is a great blog, very good read….so glad I found you.I’m glad that it’s not just me that sees the connection with Soros……
    LOVE the Obambonics…..heh.

  2. Red Pill says:

    You are correct about the danger of the Socialist Soros.

    The danger right now is that both of the “presumptive nominees” (Obama and McCain) are funded by Soros.

    John McCain has been funded by Soros since at least 2001:

    Senator Joe McCarthy was right. There are Democratic Socialist Communists in high levels of all three branches of our Government.