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320wde_NewsFromPlanetOHGO.jpg Reading results this morning from a simple NEWS search in Google for terms, “illegal immigration,” I found this delirious doozy of false representation:

“God for Illegal Immigration”

Intrigued, to put it mildly, I accessed the link and found a May 02, 2008 column from one of my favorite opinionators, Father Jonathan Morris.

The actual headlne, as Father Jonathan has written it, and as FOX News has published it, reads:


In that article, Father Jonathan writes:

…Just as every immigrant has a right to be treated with dignity, every government has the right and obligation to regulate immigration to sustainable levels, for the good of its own citizens and its immigrants. Religious leaders should be saying this too, don’t you think? Why aren’t they? Some are.

…God is on the side of human rights and also on the side of legality and security. It is our problem if we choose one over the other and pretend that we are righteous.

Father Jonathan clearly emphasizes the importance of “the moral voice” and does not reject the importance of law enforcement, national security, nor lend any human — or suggest any divine — rationalization for individuals to plummet and exploit the legal requirements and boundaries of other nations, nor does he attempt to dismiss the culpability of those who exploit human beings as “cheap labor” and thus provide incentive to illegal aliens to exploit those requirements and boundaries.

However, to peruse Google’s News search results, to scroll down through the headlines, the impression is decidedly edited to force a false ‘divine’ support for illegal immigration, and in reference to an article by a Catholic Priest, at that.

How many other headlines has Google opted to “edit” to tweak them into representing the opposite of what’s stated?


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