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IRONMAN: from the ongoing comments at Nikke Finke’s Deadline Hollywood article, and that site’s report about IRONMAN’s big opening weekend box office, it looks like this is a really enjoyable film.

I am particularly fond of Robert Downey, Jr.‘s work — who stars in IRONMAN as “Tony Stark” — so reading from so many who have already seen this film, as to just what a successful performance Downey’s provided in the lead, is great. The film’s dialogue (screenplay by Hawk Ostby) is said to be entertaining and lively, so Downey’s keen abilities in those regards appears to not have gone wasted here.

Also from the comments at Finke’s site, the film does not dive into the “anti American” pratfall as to our military, our nation, the nature of weaponry, although, of course, true to Stan Lee’s IRONMAN Marvel story-line, the entire character of Tony Stark is based upon a man who creates and then is forced to manipulate the use of military weaponry along with his role in the industry of weaponry. Hollywood, to-date, has persisted in a foolish effort in authoring ongoing negative stereotypes about the United States of America, especially as to our military, so reading the enthusiasm in the comments at DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD from many who identify as “Conservative,” who have now seen IRONMAN and enjoyed it far above the average film, is good news, good news, indeed.

I never had my doubts about Downey’s abilities to fulfill and excell in this role, however, contrary to what I read a year or so ago when news of him cast as IRONMAN, Tony Stark, first began perking. The man’s truly talented and a sober Downey more than deserves to be back on top. The Tony Stark lead character and role are compelling — I have always been a fan of the IRONMAN comic series for these reasons — and it looks like, finally, a credible, enjoyable film has been made. So, go see IRONMAN — I will, soon.

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