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Hillary Clinton interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, PART ONE from April 30, 2008 and PART TWO from today, May 01, 2008.

On it’s own merits, the interview was engaging. O’Reilly was a bit too talkative but so was HIllary but despite them both being too eager to talk and overtalk one another, I valued the interview and thought Hillary Clinton was not only smart to appear with O’Reilly but also considerate to do so: it allowed the more Moderate and Conservative voters to hear what she has to say and how she handles herself when asked extemporaneous (so I assume) questions that are not from among the Liberal school yard or sandbox.

I also thought Clinton was more “meaningful” in this context with O’Reilly than I’ve considered her in nearly all previous media appearances. Her stage speeches at campaign stops captures her being theatrical and stiff, like she’s “enacting” some personna that’s expected of her. On these televised interviews before O’Reilly, who rarely lets a guest relax and I appreciate him for that (the exception was certainly his patient, quiet questioning of President Bush a while ago, but that was understandable as it also was respectful), on these two parts of this interview, Clinton appeared far more reasonable than she has before in media.

However, every reasonable thing she said is reduced to meaningless when you take into consideration that among her key campaigners is and has been affiliated with Hispanic/Latino ethnic-supremacy organization, La Raza, and that Hillary declares decidedly before O’Reilly that she will not end sanctuary cities in the U.S. (she says it’s due to wanting illegal aliens to report crimes to U.S. law enforcement, which I think pales in consideration of their illegal context and the damages done to our nation by sanctuary cities overall).

As long as Hillary Clinton — and any political campaign — is associated with that or any other ethnic-supremacy organization and individual, and puts illegal aliens and increased Socialism ahead of national security, they won’t get my support.

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