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175wde_Oprah-W-scary The Rev. James David Manning declares that Oprah, Obama and Jeremiah Wright are “The Trinity of Hell.”

I can’t define just what Rev. Manning’s spiritual gifts are — previous videos of him capture some difficult expressions — but overall, he comes through in his sermons as someone who should be taken seriously. The most extreme of his statements and behaviors do not begin to match the exceptional strangeness that Jeremiah Wright continually manifests and expresses (and displays), so I give Rev. Manning his due here after so much media rationalization about Wright — but in layperson’s terms, based upon general, first impressions, I’m wondering if Manning is onto something.

The latest screech: the Hellions who worship that Trinity from Hell are all up in tone about a tee-shirt that displays the image of the comic character, Curious George, with a caption of “Obama ’08” underneath it.

This tee-shirt is being called “racist” and “offensive” by the Hellions; and yet, for the past eight years (or more), there’s been an ongoing laugh had by them at the expense of President Bush (and most everyone else not of the Hellions’ kind) as they’ve referred to Bush as “Chimpy” and worse. 350wde_CuriousGeorge-DemosOutraged Entire websites are authored by the Left under these or similar, smearing site names denigrating President Bush so obviously, to the Left, these smears (of Bush) are not only not offensive but are, to them, indeed, funny, entertaining, anything but offensive. And I’ve certainly seen more than a few images on the net of Bush depicted as a chimpanzee by Democrats.

In the commenting sections of more than a few political websites used by, mostly, the Left and mostly Obama promoters (who denigrate Hillary Clinton as caustically as they do President Bush, but that’s another story), and from what takes place there (and has for months now), remarks or inquiries about Obama are perceived by Obama supporters as so threatening as to be the equivalent of kicking sand on a stone idol they revere as godly. And that’s after they routinely deem criticism of Obama — when no race is ever mentioned — as “racist” followed by them calling nearly eveyrone and anything contrary to their worship as “offensive.” It becomes verbally more abusive as comments pass by no more than a few from anyone not an Obama worshipper, with the most severe maligning put upon anyone perceived as daring not to engage in the “faith” or who may appear to doubt the idolatry or, worse, the idol.

Obama, apparently, is now “messiah” (“he’s our only hope,” one exclaimed over and over again in comments, “we are all lost unless we vote for Obama” another one urged repeatedly).

There is fervor the equivalent of religious foment occurring where Obama is concerned; and certainly there is the same as to Oprah and her “following.”

Oprah, who (as most know by now) is an Obama supporter, was recorded recently on a YouTube video vignette from one of her broadcasts (video, here) urging her audience on to emulate Oprah’s “religious” behaviors (eyes closed, some sort of rhapsody to or about some sort of Oprah-centric experience); afterward, as she “accepted questions” from the audience and someone asked politely, “what about Jesus”, Oprah quickly harped, in indignant, reprimanding tone, “well, what ABOUT Jesus?!” (end of discussion — apparently, the name of Jesus was not acceptable to Oprah as to the Church of Oprah, Obama and Wright – ‘course, they could all, each, be their own god and have their own church, but according to Rev. Manning, they’re that Trinity of Hell).

But that taped vignette on it’s own merits captures Oprah glorifying in the profane — little other proof of that is necessary — and I haven’t even gotten to any specific theology as to the extent of profanity that Oprah displays in these regards. Unless, of course, one accepts that the idolization in a religious context is Oprah, herself, because the entire message is just that: Oprah presuming to be god, to be the divine “one” or one of the divine, however you might interpret her instructions, statements and Triad associations, as Manning refers to and positions her.

Maybe Rev. Manning is onto something.

Dot-Red Much later update (2009):

This is the video that got Rev. Manning a home visit by the federal powers that be as to the (by year 2009) Obama Administration.

Manning’s video sermons are substantially moving.

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  1. Megan Bacigalupo says:

    I agree, Bush has been dipicted as a chimp for years, only he is not black. What it comes down to is that people are trying to reduce the intelligence of our human beings that are in politics. If you remember Jane Goodall’s studies, the DNA differnece between chimps and humans is slight, they are closer to us, than any other animal on the planet. Whoever does this should pick a different species, one that is actually un-intellengent.

  2. -S- says:

    The point to me is that the Left is offended (hugely so) at this comical Obama reference (despite the fact that the guy who created it did so because some of his customers said that Obama looked like the comical character of Curious George, not because it or he is a chimp but because of the ears and facial expression) yet they have maligned President Bush in entirely unseemly degrees for years and not for purposes of humor or endearment, as “Chimpy.”

    The Left can’t take their own behaviors applied on themselves. They continue to prove they are bullies, lack objectivity, certainly do not display kindness nor adequate respect for others.

    Chimpanzees are just unabashed facially and that’s probably what people pick-up on when viewing them. But as to the Left’s maligning Bush as “Chimpy” and similar, they’ve done so to literally demean him, reduce him to mere unreasoning “animal.”

    Many of the Democrats in Congress today are far less intelligent than President Bush. It’s a case of the brittleness of Liberals who assume that non-Liberal positions and opinions represent foolishness or stupidity, which is not at all the case.