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220wde_JeremiahWrightNuts.jpg Jeremiah Wright claims his words “have been twisted.”

Bill Moyers interviews Wright and appears (tonight) to be enraptured with someone even more extremely Left than he is, and Wright provides a brave performance as a calm, soft spoken man who isn’t really irrational. Jeremiah’s twisted, his words are twisted. Not by those of us who suffer through them but by Wright himself as he’s said them: twisted, monstrous, insane.

Wright appears today obsessed with his reputation and disregarding as to who he may harm or whatever negative repercussions his self gratifications may cause.

Any part of his various rants (deemed “sermons” as if they’re inspired by good) can be easily recognized as disgusting crud, yet Wright says ‘one must watch the whole sermons’ to properly comprehend…blahblahblah. Any part of what he’s ranted can easily, on the contrary, be viewed/heard and recognized as a crazy man being nutty. Wright has simulated a sexual act before the public (from a “church” pulpit at that), screamed “G-Damn America,” alleged that the U.S. government organized some criminal plan and infected “Black people” with HIV…I could go on but all anyone has to do is watch but a few of the videos of several of these fanatical, monstrous, crazed rants by Wright to view more than what is needed inorder to conclude the man is — well, “possessed” comes to mind.

BUT, Obama’s ever fluctuating, accommodating remarks about Jeremiah Wright and the politics the man pushes has been sad to behold. Not that I’m disappointed Barack Obama’s lost support due to this monstrous influence — he deserved to — but that anyone would fall victim to Wright’s influence of their minds, hearts, relationship with Christ if they have one or seek one, and their family is the tragedy. In Obama’s case, he’s twitched around attitudinally about Wright and whatever relationship they had, didn’t have, might of had, no longer had, never had, would continue to have…monstrous, just monstrous.

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