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220wde_DeafulaObama.jpg I watched yesterday’s “ABC Debate” from Pennsylvania and only hours later — after reading the poundpoundpound of freaks freaking-out on the internet about it — wondered if the ABC broadcast I viewed was an alternate version to what was and continues to be adversely described by the Obama Left.

Because the criticism. — especially the resentful snottiness from Obama himself about the experience, all over the internet about ABC’s debate — is extreme and extremely imbalanced, as it is also unrealistic, unreasonable and predominantly emotionally deranged.

I was going to write about this (and a few other issues) and then read Michelle Malkin’s site while waiting for the kettle to boil so as to make tea and as usual, Malkin’s already covered this indecent eruption by the Left and covered it well (here).

But aside from the Obama Left and Obama freak-out on the internet (predominantly directed at ABC and their two moderators at the debate, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos), what most concerns me today is: (1.) Obama’s prickly, creepy, condescending snottiness during yesterday’s debate; (2.) Obama’s prickly, creepy, condescending snottiness today in his critiques, so to speak, of being critiqued (imagine the nerve of those two White Guys daring to breath in front of Obama); and, (3.) Obama’s ongoing avoidance of specifics when asked about specifics, particularly as to these ongoing “problematic relationships” that continue to emerge in reference to Obama: who he commisserates with, or is influenced by, or, worse, as to whom he enjoins
in behaviors, which he later denies or makes fun of when questioned and otherwise denies by not responding otherwise.

First off, Obama’s snarky comment oozed sneakiness when Obama dismissed being questioned about William Ayers (Obama snarked that he was “eight years old” when Ayers was terrorizing the United States and that by sheer fact that Ayers lived in Chicago as Obama did, there was no cause to assume their home-town or street-type relationship was anything about anything as to who Obama the political candidate is today — which, again, is Obama making light of a critical issue and avoiding addressing the issue itself).

So, we have another of Obama’s lies, delivered with his arrogant derision of the question and issue. He gets applause when he does this and makes various hand movements and smirks and then enjoys his own snarkiness as much as the clappers before him but none of that defines Obama as truthful or moral, it just defines him as sneaky and creepy.

Obama’s devoted his public hours today to complaining moreso about the ABC appearance. I’m not surprised because that seems to be his only product for sale: running-down by side-stepping by resenting an issue (any issue) when being asked to stand still and explain yourself. In other words, hysteria combined with outrage to avoid being specific or moreso, specifically responsible.

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