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Obama_HOPE-NOSIS.gif Saintnot Obama wants you to listen to him and then listen to him again, then again and again until you get to hear every possible configuration of what he may have meant or meant to say or would have said or might mean if only you would listen.

With every advent of each new day, I read and hear Obama making proclamations and various speeches (old, somewhat old and new and somewhat new) and the time and place are not important to what it is I make objection with here but that whenever Obama speaks, he is later said to have “misspoken” or later attempts to say he meant something else or didn’t know what he meant or what someone else meant or it doesn’t matter anyway so hope for change.

I’ve been reading newsletters of late from Glenn Beck after finding his television broadcasts pretty darn great, and from today’s newsletter, Beck makes this video of Obama, in which Obama is clearly saying that he considers a human child to be “a punishment” (in reference to his two daughters, granted, but the foundation is there to assume he applies this same mentality — and decidedly NOT Christian perspective — to human children conceived the usual way, at least as to those conceived without foreplan and by detachment from reality).

Beck’s column is here.

This latest example of Obama’s “misspeak” can by this time of repetitive misspeak-age be said to be just plain old lying. Which, realistically, is what he says he’ll be doing to his daughters (lying) when he declares his intents: to avoid telling them that if they regard a child as “punishment” like their father does, they should refrain from sexual intercourse until they improve their regard for children.

The consequences of sexual behavior can be and usually are profound. Which might be what Obama may mean when he means anything, just not in this case, in which case he doesn’t mean what he means because he might mean something else.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Reference:
OBAMA LAUNDRY LIST OF LIES — (numbering sixty-six as of count on March 31, 2008 — an interesting number, by the way).

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