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I’m not one to find entertainment in the suffering of others and I do regard Jeremiah Wright as a suffering individual. Certainly he is ill — psychologically, emotionally, spiritually — but certainly he, as a disturbed person with media coverage and public influence, is leading people astray.

It’s one thing to encourage the corruption of others through a variety of shifting perspectives and behaviors but it’s another thing altogether to do so when using the name of Jesus Christ, God, Christian theology as pretense to incite others politically, and thereby, on an eternal “note,” to lead others astray, to jeopardize or corrupt their souls, and to do so while representing onesself as an authority of Christianity. The deceit involved is not a simple thing, this is not a marginalization that can be put aside as theatre or a film or perhaps a bad channel, it’s a corruption that bears dismal, truly permanent dimensions.

Jeremiah Wright’s dismal, dismaying and continued crap
, for lack of a better word for it, his bleak encouragement of some sort of eruption of sickness, like a quickly infectious plague among any and all who come into contact with his verbal and physical antics, have all been discussed nationwide today already from early this morning on, and I’ll provide links and leave it at that — little I can add this evening could begin to cover the tragedy that I see before me of a human being proudly leading as many as he possibly can into doom, a very serious doom — but I have a few points to make, beyond what I already have here.

Though I recognize here that the litany of Wright’s extensive lies is beyond the scope of me addressing in any one post here or anywhere else. Confronting his madness (and illness) would develope into several books if addressed in individual outbreak. However, please consider the following:

Dot-Black-SML.gif (1.) Wright’s rants from this morning, when asked about Islam being or not being a road to salvation, Wright misquoted and distorted the words of Jesus Christ (that is, he deceived others by manipulating Christ’s words into a lie).

Wright responded to that question:
“Jesus also said ‘other sheep I have, which are not of this fold'” and enacted a sorta’ gleeful, misapplied sneer to indicate that Islam is a road to salvation.

As a so-called “pastor” or minister of CHRISTIANITY, that is not, not at all, what Christianity states, as in, it’s not what Jesus Christ says, nor what is stated in the Bible as to what Jesus Christ says, that very same Bible that Wright likes to use so much and in doing so, misrepresents what it contains.

And as a “pastor,” in an alleged Christian affiliation, his misrepresentation of the Bible, of Christ, is blatant deceit. If the guy even has a theology degree — which he says he does — then he knows what he’s saying is deceitful, which makes what he said there, as with so many other similarly deceitful statements, so seriously terrible.

I’m going to quote comments I found on Michelle Malkin‘s website from a very insightful reader there, because this writer, following, has already said what I set out to write here about this crucial issue.

On April 28th, 2008 at 12:26 pm, Trollman said…

“Question: Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the light. Is Islam the way to salvation?”

Wright: Jesus also said “other sheep I have, which are not of this fold.”

The passage Wright is referring to is John 10:16:
“I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd.”

Wright is wrong, Jesus is not talking about people of various religions going to heaven. This passage is talking about how through Jesus’ cross, He would tear down the dividing wall that separated the Jews and the Gentiles “so that in Himself He might make the two [Jew and gentile] into one new man” – Ephesians 2:11-22.

Whereas it was previously thought that the Messiah would only bring salvation to the Jews, Jesus made it possible for Gentiles to become Christians without becoming a Jew – which was positively scandalous to the Jewish believers. Consider Acts 11:1-18: “Well then, God has granted to the Gentiles also the repentance that leads to life.”

Christ’s calling there distinguishes salvation from politics and specifically addresses the issue of eternal life and the soul’s destination through an exceptionally well-refined “path to salvation” or in terms by which an eternal soul is acceptable to God and welcomed into eternal life. It’s controversial and well criticised the world over by people who insist on fluctuating terms, so to speak, but these are Christ’s declarations and terms, and as the Son of God, are God’s terms, and in Christianity, this represents the authority, the only authority.

So it isn’t an easy or popularly entertaining message, speaking about this won’t get someone a round of applause from a podium when it’s repeated and emphasized, but it’s Christian theology, if one accepts Christ as divine and the Son of God, as Savior and Redeemer. The idea is to please God, to enter into heaven and be with Him, not to court an audience in a hall who may or may not reward a speaker with applause and funding.

Dot-Black-SML.gif (2.) When Wright was asked about the many acidic, even preposterous, and exceptionally hateful rants he’s seen making on various videos, he ridicules the question with responding, “did you watch the whole sermon” (or “listen to” it, to that effect).

Yet what Wright does is abstract parts of the Bible and even misquotes them to suit his own political and emotional purposes without regard for the context OR the “full message” of what he’s using. So again he fails miserably as to his credibility ethically as a representative of Christian theology AND of Christian character: if he can (and he does, recorded and viewable for reference) lie so easily by “picking and chosing” and even distoring (that means, lying) about specific instructs from the Bible, he can therefore be reasonably questioned as to being engaged in deceit about anything and everything else. Wright proves he is academically erratic if not failed in his understanding of Christ and Christianity in evidence of his emotional interpretations of what HE deems to be right and wrong.

All of us human beings have individual wants and needs, resentments and wishes, and easily can craft whatever “theology” we care to to rationalize getting what we want, in human terms. Wright has made this behavior an art while using the context of Christianity to do so, and in doing so, again, exemplifies deceit.

Dot-Black-SML.gif (3.) Wright’s definition of “his” “faith” and what he says he “preaches” (and, therein, teaches, instructs) is “Black Liberation Theology,” which he says represents “the Black Church.” Not the Christian Church, or Body of Christ, based in Christian theology, but “the Black Church” based in “Black Liberation Theology” and/or “Black Prophetic Theology.”

That’s not Christianity. If it was Christianity, it’d be called Christianity and Wright would be “preaching” Christian theology.

To the contrary, what Wright is preaching is racially defined politics. It’s only a “theology” in an atheist or occult context. That Wright relies on a definition of being “Black Prophesy” is key to the fact that his message is not from God and should certainly be evaluated in a context of being “anti Christ” or the antithesis of Christianity. If any Christian context once existed in the greater “Church” Wright lays claim to, it’s not represented by Jeremiah Wright.

If “Black people” continue to have a need to get together and rehash and hopefully to heal a victimization experience from the stories they’ve heard from a century ago, if those experiences continue to remain fresh and unhealed, so to speak, in their psyche, it’s a case of psychology that, yes, needs “healing” but politics, certainly politics defined by racial terms, is not the medicine nor the healer to address the suffering.

Dot-Black-SML.gif (4.) Wright does not “preach” salvation through Jesus Christ. He preaches “redemption” through a demanded “apology” (to Black people) from “America.” He foments a racist, utterly unrealistic, even depraved fantasy experience that is, again, political and emotional in belief and context.

He is certainly “anti American” as can be easily heard from his own messages. And that is his “theology”: it relies upon generating and continuing or urging-on resentments and antagonism to and about the United States of America and does so on racial terms: his against others, his before others, his as defines “his” “theology” that is nothing more than racism.

We all, as citizens, have disagreements, even strong ones, with our government and our nation as some “whole” but it’s not theological or a method of “worship” as it is in Wright’s case to speak out politically in disagreement with government. In Wright’s case, his very theology is politics and it’s politics defined by “being Black” and being “a Black in America”.

I watch and listen to the audiences when Wright speaks. His intents seem clear and that is to moreorless stir a pot in people, to send them into emotional fomenting. Once sent, they lose contact with a greater context and seem to mirror off one another, respond to a group environment encouraging ever increasing loss of contact with any terms other than Wright’s duplicitous, eardrum-attacking, assaultive notes. I recognize this as a practiced, intentional routine by Wright to achieve exactly what he does achieve and that is crowd-inciting for his own political use.

Wright is a deceiver. A sick person, an affected mind and spirit, a possessed man in this context, a man with a terrible “sin level” before God. I’m taught by Christ that I as a human cannot know God’s intent to judge any of us, myself included, but God does tell us in very straightforward terms what He wants of us, and what He judges most critically and among those critically, severely judged by God are those who lead others astray, people in a position of instruction about Him who lead others away from God, with the gravest of judgement for those who not only deceive but who do so by misrepresenting God.

Dot-Black-SML.gif Returning to the current Presidential election here in closing, Obama lacks all credibility in alleging that he knew little to nothing about what Wright has authored from a pulpit. Obama made a decided choice to select Wright’s “church” for membership that’s spanned more than two decades, and during which he’s exposed himself and his family intentionally to the “mission” of Jeremiah Wright. Obama has gone so far as to laud Wright in writing and through affiliation and probably a lot more that is not publicly known.

So Obama most certainly is mirrored by Wright’s “theology” and appears to have joined Wright or emulated him in a level of deceit that bodes very badly for our nation, even when he, like Wright, dresses up the deceit in pretty faces and funny dances and “eloquent speaking.” What remains, underneath all that, are lies.

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