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250wde_Obama_Ugly-PurpleLips_03-09-0.jpg Obama wins the Democrats’ votes in Wyoming, but his ever-growing-purple lips are starting to freak me out: what do they indicate? Is the guy getting enough oxygen?


And, this is creepy. McCain’s remarks are confusing, though he’s looking ever-more healthy with every passing week (the campaign agrees with him). Specifically, the word “conservative“:

“I think a lot of people don’t exactly get where I’m at,” said Senator John McCain last month. So the G.O.P. candidate for President is going around the U.S. to loyal Republican gatherings to set them straight. “I’ve always been a conservative,” he told the New York Times.


Of equal, or, perhaps, rather, greater concern on a human level, the side of McCain’s head continues to grow. This photo from TIME from several months ago doesn’t capture the current expansion on the side of his head. Which is NOT conservative, by the way, either.

We’ve got a ways to go among Republicans; the issues separate us as to ranges of perspectives among the Right. At least we’re getting enough oxygen, but I can’t say as much about Barack Obama.

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