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I am probably among the few registered (and voting accordingly) Republicans who has persistently assumed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat nominee — and despite yesterday’s Democratic Primaries and Caucuses showing Barack Hussein Obama very clearly following Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton by small percentages, I still think that Hillary’s got the Democratic nomination.

With John Sidney McCain our GOP nominee (it’s official after yesterday), I can’t say I am even remotely enthused about the GOP offerings for this Fall. It’s essentially a forced election: vote for the GOP candidate, even if you find him/her objectionable, to avoid a Hillary win (the Democratic win seems secondary to the force involved).

Thus, what the GOP has managed to rope together, unfortunately for us Conservatives and many other voting Republicans who are not enthused with the McCain candidacy (nor what politics he represents, primarily the amnesty/open borders and irrational national security positions that are contradicted by the former), serves to undermine the GOP in time. It’s not a happy Party.

It’s not a happy Party because we can win with McCain (so it’s opined by some who are “Party first” oriented and positions be-damned) but what we win and on what terms are my concerns. I do wonder, quite seriously (that means, I am devoting quite a good amount of thought to this question) if but what a Hillary/Democratic win this Fall would be as “bad as” feigned support for a Liberally-wandered GOP under McCain, if but what the damage inflicted by the latter would pose greater harms over time than the damage inflicted by the former.

That’s inevitably going to read like poisoned-penned screed to some Republicans — mostly to the RINO element who are generally accredited today by the rest of us for infesting the GOP with this current Liberalisation of the Party you see reflected by loss of voter support from Conservatives (and by “Conservatives,” I do not refer to one form of Conservative or the other, but to the general, homesupn version of Republican voter who is self-reliant or tries to be and who supports our country as best and as selflessly as possible, the rest as to issues come later, we’re the little people voters that the RINOs could not care less about) — but it’s a curiosity that I read more and more as expressed by Conservative voters in this current dysfunctionally and often insulting Election ’08.

I write “insulting” because of ongoing comments from the McCain-Liberal-bunch in the GOP — remarks I thought were temperamentally induced by campaign/candidate competitions earlier but which now I read are ongoing, indicating a real “RINO” (or, Liberals in the GOP, “Republicans In Name Only”) infection of sorts in the current GOP that besets (and misleads) many Republicans, to the denigration of the once-proudly Conservative GOP, now gone with the wind — such as just last week from House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), who declared that Republicans need to “get off your dead asses” (and donate to the GOP).

The GOP sunk the Reagan Ship (or tried it’s best to do so) when they selected Mel Martinez to Co-Chair the RNC a year or so ago. Martinez has since departed that post but reappeared dreadfully and persistently recently in the pro-McCain and/or McCain camp with insulting remarks about Conservatives. But his departure from the RNC Co-Chair position was after his presence immediately resulted in a huge dive in donations to the RNC and rightfully so, since Martinez’s mantra was and appears to remain, “amnesty is good for the GOP” which very few voting Republicans agree with, certainly as no to few Conservatives do — even many Democrats disagree with amnesty for illegal aliens, though today, Hillary AND Obama are matching McCain’s irresponsible support of amnesty.

To name but a very few of the additional, insulting challenges from the RINO element:

it elevates the Bush/McCain/Kennedy disaster of amnesty (since defeated but I wonder for how long);

then it elevates Bush’s snide remarks about Republicans (‘xenophobes” and “vigilantes” remarks from Bush did more to sink voter confidence in the GOP than McCain’s disasterous turncoating on amnesty, judges — the Gang of Fourteen [“bastards!”], campaign finance and the Keating Five have done);

then it sends the likes of Brownback, Boehner and the wailing Lindsey Graham to call Republicans various other nasty names…

…these and the rest (there are many more outrageous, insulting issues from a Liberalized GOP segment) have left me wondering over time if but what the objective *is* to elect a Democrat this Fall BY the GOP. And thus, we get McCain.

So this morning — the day after — I write, “congratulations, Hillary, on a job well done.” In her case, she does deserve it. But I can’t overlook a number of RINO Republicans loitering in the political bushes who are trying their best to appear enthusiastic about “a GOP win.”

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