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Who IS this guy who’se selling the SHAMWOW thing on television? The ShamWow, ‘dat ‘ting made in GERManee (“you know da Germans, dey don’t make ANYting bad!” the busy, croppy-haired guy says while he’s waging the wonders o’ the ShamWow on spills and various nefarious moisture blobs before your very eyes).

Most of the spot looks like it was filmed with a webcam but the ad just grabs the eye and ear and, wow, I want to buy, like, a DOZEN ShamWows NOW!

Excellent spot. Pun intended. Lookadat!

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  2. -S- says:

    Thanks very much for your interest and congratulations on your fledgling site (I looked it over, it’s off to a great start).

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    Thanks, again, for your compliments and interest.