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I said so months ago: Elliot Spitzer’s sick. “Sick” as in, corrupt, ethically challenged, morally fouled, a bad man.

225wde_SpitzerIsSick.jpg Yesterday, the news that Spitzer’s been found to be involved in a prostitution ring, dubious money-wire transfers and the interstate transport of a prostitute (who can say at this point what else there may be there) is more evidence to that effect, but I can’t say I never told anyone as much: the man’s no good. Call it astute best-guessing, but he’s not a good guy and I said as much many months ago. To his further discredit, Spitzer appears to have that decrepit “quality” of “con guy smarts”: assumption that he would not be subject to nor scrutinized by the law — with a creepy overassumption that he’s intimidated others into ineffectiveness — such that he’d never be held accountable under the law.

But calling him a creep and a blow-hard is probably enough to get the same point across. His declarations that he’d “have people investigated” as to anyone in New York State’s government who opposed his cruel determination to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens — despite a majority of disagreement about that deed from the voters and many who worked in New York state government, too — was an indication of his unusual presumption upon the use of government to such an extent that even moderate people ought to have been outraged by his dictatorial threats and presumptions about that one issue alone.

But, mostly, my bad impression of the man were based upon a very strong intuition about him. Can’t always use that as proof of anything, but, that sort of intuition doesn’t come around very often but when it does, it’s almost always right. And, under no circumstances should this man ever be allowed to participate in government again.

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