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I am voting Republican this Fall. Country first.

It’s now Doomsday-or-McCain.


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  1. Denny says:

    Let’s not play dead and act like our country is NOT in danger of a Hillary/Obama ticket that would not be good for America in so many different ways, I couldn’t possibly mention them all here quickly.

    If you STILL love America… if you STILL love the Conservative Movement, America, your children and your spouses, and Mitt’s message… then join with us to form a blog roll for a McCain/Romney ticket!

    Please read my previous article entitled, “Why I think Gov. Mitt Romney Should Be John McCain’s V.P. Choice.”

    Don’t give up the fight when we are almost there!

    McCain/Romney 2008!

    There seem to be very many pluses to picking Gov. Romney as John McCain’s V.P. running mate.

    1)There is widespread agreement that if John McCain loses this year, Gov. Romney will run in 2012. If Gov. Romney were on the ticket as V.P. next in line for the GOP nod in 2016, Mr. McCain would not have too worry about whether Mr. Romney would work as hard as possible for a McCain/Romney win this year.
    2)Governor Romney is very intelligent, and I think would be very comfortable dealing with foreign dignitaries.
    3)Governor Romney is very rich and has a well-oiled fund-raising circuit that would be very beneficial to Mr. McCain.
    4)Governor Romney would bring expertise to economic matters that Mr. McCain seems to be lacking.
    5)Governor Romney would bring executive experience as a Governor to the ticket.
    6)Governor Romney would bring almost all of his supporters to help with a McCain/Romney ticket, thereby assuring that his supporters aren’t trying to bring him attention to a potential 2012 run, nipping such conversation quickly, before it takes root and is hard to break apart.
    7)Governor Romney appeals to social, economic and defense conservatives, bringing the whole Party and most of the Conservative Movement, including talk radio, on board with the ticket.
    8)Romney supporters are very enthusiastic and dedicated. You cannot buy this kind of endearment, but McCain would be able to pick up his supporters, and their already-in-place organizational and other skills they would have to offer to the ticket.
    9)Romney would help John McCain in purple states such as Michigan, Nevada and Minnesota, and could even put Massachusetts in place in November.
    10)Governor Romney brings all the necessary ingredients to John McCain’s campaign that he so desperately needs against Hillary, and especially an Obama opponent.
    You cannot buy loyalty like Governor Romney has with his supporters. You have to EARN it. By giving Romney the nod for the V.P. slot, McCain would be showing the Conservative Movement in America that he will not abandon them in the future. If he does this, he will almost be unstoppable in the fall.
    11)Governor Romney is now widely seen as heir next in line to be the GOP nominee if McCain were to be defeated, or if McCain served two terms,then 2116, if Romney stays in the game that long. The move to make Romney V.P. would silence many evangelical and social conservatives who now would support Gov. Romney including Dr. Dobson and others. This would shore up support among Mr. Huckabee’s supporters to Mr. McCain, endearing McCain as the one who actually DID bring the Party and Conservative Movement together to defeat the Democrats and take BACK both Houses of Congress!
    12)Gov. Romney was the clear “change” candidate and ran on that theme. The move to make Romney V.P. would be a tough ticket against a Hillary/Obama ticket. Change wins almost every time. We would now be able to bring that on-the-ground message IMMEDIATELY!
    13)As the man who actually did something about – and has earned him a wide recognition of – healthcare reform, he is the ideal man to blunt the Democrat’s BillaryCare proposals. This item would essentially be OURS as Republicans, which would deflate much criticism against the Republicans for not adequately addressing this critical issue thus far!

    Governor Romney told us through CPAC that he does NOT want to cede the White House to the Democrats so that our nation becomes more suseptable to Islampfascist jihadist attacks.

    Gov. Romney may NOT have a chance at the White House again!

    Gov. Romney WILL be meeting with John McCain in a few days. Let’s give John McCain our voices of support of a McCain/Romney 2008 ticket!

  2. JK says:


    I’m just as disturbed as you are regarding Mitt’s decision to suspend his campaign. I can only hope that McPAIN screws up enough to show his true, underlying, Rino makeup. Then MAYBE both the ignorant and the gullible hardcore conservatives realize this guy is a wacko. Mitt can come back at the RNC and ratchet the heat up enough to become the GOP nominee for president.

    Meanwhile, my state’s primary is coming up in a week and there’s no way I’ll vote for McPAIN. Since we have a closed presidential primary, I’ll vote for Paul and pray for Mitt.