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This is what students (so it’s said) do at the Univeristy of California at Berkeley, as encouraged and inflamed by Code Pink (note the quick appearance of a gleefully pleased Code Pink founder, Medea Benjamin, in the last one-third of this video from “ that includes some video footage provided by“).

It opens with a ridiculous guy holding a despicable sign that declares: “I support forced sterilization of Fundamentalist Christians” and then what’s caputred on the video degenerates from there. Perhaps it can be most efficiently condensed to say that the video is “The Violent and Ugly Left.”

But this is a typical capture of the essence of why The Left is held in such low esteem by many Americans. It’s not a case of voicing an opinion by them, but of efforting by them to violently suppress or prevent the exercise of opinion by anyone they disagree with.

In the case of Berkeley, however: all that because the United States Marine Corps has a recruitment office at U.C.B.

I say, remove all federal funding to not only the University of California at Berkeley (and perhaps closely examine the other campuses) AND from the City of Berkeley. Then let the University of California, Berkeley, Administration and UC Board of Regents try to explain why they admit people such as this to their institutions.

How many of these people in this protest at UCB receive public funds for their, um, “education”? And why is Code Pink even ON their campus? If they object to Marine recruitment availability, why aren’t they objecting to Code Pink recruiting students to act like depraved lunatics?

150wde_Crazy-Pink.jpg Update:
Medea Benjamin freaks out and yells for “Marines!”

Read the comments section. A Berkeley resident and UCBerkeley knowledgeable individual clarifies the UCB position…(appreciated, thanks — but I still maintain that UC entirely, all campuses, should take some correction action against any student or faculty member who motivates these types of demonstrations if and as these disturbances occur on campuses; and, that Code Pink should be permanently banned from all U.C. campuses.)


  1. Heather Jacobsen says:

    The University has nothing to do with this action of the Berkeley City Council – Indeed, the Student Government has disavowed any knowledge of or support for the the whole thing. UCBerkeley has ROTC and does not currently object to the presence of the recruiting office in Berkeley.

    The City is totally screwed up, by contrast. The Mayor (Tom Bates) and 4 City Council members still support the preferential treatment of anti-war groups…. the other city council members (4) have offered their own apologies, and in some cases asked for apologies from the Council.

    At this point the City Council is pretty much settled — no one will change opinions any time soon.