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200wde_MichelleObamaNotProudofUSA.jpg There’s a lot in this nation, the United States of America, to argue about, but I was glad of sorts to read a certain argument-ceilng cracked by recent remarks by Michelle Obama, glad because the remarks erode an above-the-ceiling suspension that she and husband, Barack Obama, have enjoyed up to now.

Michelle Obama said:

Michelle Obama proclaimed yesterday that for “the first time” in her “adult life,” she was “proud of America” as she spoke during a rally to support her husband’s presidential bid.

Michelle Obama has enjoyed a first-rate education in the U.S. of A., first-rate career opportunities in the U.S. of A., was alive and survived the events of 9/11 like many of the rest of us, yet “this” is the “first time” she’s felt pride in America.

I can understand embracing a crowd of willing supporters in the political sense, but Michelle Obama’s type of rhetoric sticks a finger in the eye of so many opportunities she and others like her have enjoyed in this nation of ours, as to appear truly selfish. If her husband’s charisma in these present times is what she and only what she responds with pride to and about our nation (and hers), what does that say about her presumptions up to now as a middle-aged adult who is living a privileged life in this nation?

Michelle Obama isn’t someone on a street pushing a shopping cart filled with a cardboard hotel for the night. She isn’t — nor has never been — sustained meagerly by whatever means, she’s a woman married to the father of her two children, is someone who has prospered in this nation and enjoyed a far-above average standard of life and social regard from others; she has enjoyed and continues to enjoy a great deal of special placement in our society — these bountiful benefits should never be taken so lightly as to assume they are mere normal, nor entitled, and, Michelle Obama has had as much an opportunity and cause to salute our U.S.A. flag in pride and gratitude as the rest of us, even those who have never known her privileges.

200wde_ObamaWontSalueFlag.jpg Yet, there was that flag-salute refusal by her husband those months ago…apparently, the Obamas’ “pride” “in the U.S.A.” exists only based upon the roaring crowd for…them, not the country.

This Election ’08 offers no options for the free man (or woman). What we have in today is a three-(or four, if you count Huckabee)-pronged pitchfork of Socialists out-negating one another (and many of us voters) by whatever they appear to think makes for loud clapping. I’m not clapping.


  1. Evrviglnt says:

    Wow – what an ass kicking post. It brings up something many don’t – it’s not just ingratitude they display, but a reinforcement for the black community and others that believe there isn’t any opportunity for them in America. It’s this kind of perspective that paralyzes people, leaving them wallowing in self pity and anger at a country that offers more opportunity than any on earth.