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This has got to be the lowest point yet in this year’s demerging Presidential election: the RNC (actually) asks Republican voters to not use Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name (like I just did here), because it might upset or offend some Democrats, if not all of them, and cast a bad light on Republicans for using a Democrat’s frickin’ middle name.

If Barack has problems with his middle name, let him change his name. If Democrats have issues with his middle name such that they’re touchy when they hear some Republican use it, would this be actual news to anyone? That Democrats were upset with anything Republicans had to say? Hardly a new occurence, is my point.

So, McCain campaign engages Conservative, jumpy-but-shrewd-and-almost-routinely-right Talk Radio host. Bill Cunningham, to “warm up the crowd” at a McCain appearance — the man was invited to speak, has a long history of his voice and opinions being recorded, not like who he is, how he speaks and what he has to say is anything unknown to them who invited him — and Cunningham in his (effective) warm-up refers to “Barack Hussein Obama” several times (it’s an adversarial political environment, Obama’s the opponent, put the remarks in context) and McCain shows up afterward and goes apologetic on the comments, as if there’s even been said anything odd.

The once enthusiastic crowd, while Cunninghham was warming them up, goes entirely dull once McCain takes the stage and does his best to drive everyone away.

As to what Cunningham said, he used a middle name of a political opponent. Then he remarked about controversial issues. And he devoted far more time in his stage moments to talking about the Clintons (both of them) than he did saying, “Barack Hussein Obama.”

Yet — and one primary reason that I distrust and find offensive McCain’s personalitiy — is that, just as in this case, McCain (again) takes issues with Republicans (especially if they’re Conservatives) and (again) apologizes to Democrats, and to Obama, among others, doing his best to offer “moral support” (he says he respects Obama, but when was that even said that anyone didn’t at that McCain get-together, or at any previous one) for Obama (and HIllary) and does a better job of promoting the two Democrats than, say, Howard Dean has ever done. And exhibits real shame and even disgust at times with Conservatives and Conservative ideals, even grossly misperceives a lot of the mostly Conservative more casual exchanges about opinions. It’s as if McCain only finds enjoyment and sense in Liberal goals and Liberal criticisms of Conservatives — not as if, he actually does. And I don’t care for it, nor for McCain, for these reasons, which lead me to conclude that I don’t find McCain trustworthy.

Then the news is out that the RNC asks (or, perhaps, “tells”) Tennessee Republicans to “not use Obama’s middle name” and RNC “architect” Karl Rove says the same thing as to all Republicans — because, so Rove said today on FOX News, “it might be used” to somehow make Republicans “appear” as untoward (my word, describing what Rove said, which generally equates with that).

Did the nation name Barack Hussein Obama? No, his parents did. Is his middle name a curse word or something so dank and foul that it can’t be repeated anywhere for any reason? No, no it isn’t. It’s his name, he ought to be proud enough of it to not wince when someone else uses it. Same with any Democrat (and any Republican). If a man’s (or woman’s) very name is such a problem that edicts must be issued as to what free men (and women) actually say in their random conversations or written statements, what are we to ever hope for as to any remaining freedom in this nation?

Signed, this proud American hanging in there as long as I can:
Susan Elizabeth Rice

If my middle name inspires any individual to think of a former Queen of England who you really can’t stand from a current historical perspective, or a vain film actress or some neighbor whose cats howled too loudly at night, I have no control over that and I happen to like my middle name, so I persist in using it and feel no shame nor cringes at the sound of hearing it stated aloud.

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