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I have been devoting a huge amount of time and energy to commenting on another site, as to Election ’08. Thus, I have not been posting individual entries here nearly as often as I have things to say (which is daily that I do). The intensity of information on this other site is overwhelming (site’s not the most efficient to use, a lot of Democrats and other Liberals comment there, including a lot of McCain RINOs, so, the effort to just clarify certain positions there is labor and time intensive and what’s left is little interest to write much here afterward — I’ll need to work on this to improve this site’s currency).

What I was referring to, as to McCain supporters on that other site as also from other Liberals: the amount of misinformation and misrepresentation about Romney by McCain supporters is intense. Intense in volume and intense in persistence of misinformation even when confronted with realty that contradicts the misinformation. State a fact and then see it soon later, torn apart and restrung in a funky fashion; so then the hard work is required to get the maladjustments by McCain campaigners straightened out. Or try to at least confront the maladjustment mish-mashups.

Today, I’ll share a list of interesting videos that are more revealing of McCain’s true problems than are likely to be heard or read in too much of the media lately.

And some video links about Romney and article links, too. There’s a link to a “>fun video for Romney by a few rappers (see end of Romney links below).

Dot-Black-SML.gif I’ll close this with, please vote for Romney tomorrow in the California Primary — there is much at stake in tomorrow’s California Primary, and much of that will affect our nation’s security and economy: Romney can and will protect and defend our nation’s security with intelligence and wise capability, and about the economy, we are all the more fortunate to have Mitt Romney in the White House representing our nation’s economic future and for all individuals working toward a better tomorrow for ourselves and our families, and especially as to the elderly and disabled dependent on Social Security.

However, otherwise, I doubt that McCain can provide either. I have little to no confidence in John McCain’s track record — fraught with swearing he was doing one thing while accomplishing the opposite of that, fraught with promises of trust when he acted against trust, a Senate record that does not engender trust from me as a voter.

The very idea of the angry, mentally blurry McCain mumbling his way through the Oval Office — as he did in the recent California GOP Presidential debate at the Reagan Library — frightens me as to national security. Though McCain has grouped some from among the D.C. career politicians — I note all who are sided with McCain are those who seek open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, even when McCain now lies that he’s “for endorsement first” (what’s important is the details as to what he actually means on paper and what he’s not saying about those details is concerning) — he represents a counter-purpose to our nation’s good management, a form of betrayal of our future as a nation written into being by our Constitution as one defined by the rule of law.

Because globalism may work theoretically and in individual, private commerce, but as to our nation, we must continue to cherish our sovereignity and that relies upon maintaining value in U.S. citizenship — as an idea, an ideal, a characterisation of individual responsibility — somewhere well above the level of the pavement of commerce. No one can be genuinely concerned about national security while they devalue our national sovereignity and that includes when or if they minimize the requirements and characteristics of U.S. citizenship. McCain’s supporters are routinely identifiable by their advocacy of amnesty and open borders as are also those who endorse McCain today, including much of what is Liberal media along with the Democrats.

That leaves us Republicans who are not among the McCain problem in the GOP and I read daily that they want us to “get out” of the Party. Not a very positive note, not a very good indication of a happy bunch of people.

Most of the comments/headlines for the links that follow are written by someone else — I copied the list and reposted here, as follows.

Dot-Black-SML.gif McCain Flip-Flop Links:

McCain FlipFlop One
McCain FlipFlop Two
McCain FlipFlop Three
McCain FlipFlop Four
McCain FlipFlop Five

McCain infringements on Right to Free Speech

Former POW’s with low regard for McCain (“a coward and traitor”):
(video 1)
(video 2).

Dot-Black-SML.gif Romney Video Links:

The REAL Romney

Romney’s Religion

Romney’s true American spirit about Islamic Jihad

Romney’s sense of humor

Romney’s Presidential, gets the job done

Romney takes on “biased” Media as Governor

“Who’s Hot” MTV, notice it’s not Obama

Dot-Black-SML.gif P.S.: here’s an interesting first-person report from the South Carolina Primary — let us here in California vote for Romney tomorrow in the CA Primary and make a big dent in undoing the damage done in S.C.:

Dot-Black-SML.gif Jake the Goose
Greenville SC
Feb. 2, 2008 – 11:29 AM EST

My John McCain (up close and personal) story, from the 2000 South Carolina Primary.

Greenville SC – the 2000 Presidential primary – John McCain had just beaten ‘W’ in the NH primary and the “Straight Talk Express” rolled into South Carolina.

I was a McCain supporter – positive that he was the real deal.

I drove to a McCain speech and public appearance. It was a day I will never forget as long as I live.

That day I witnessed John McCain behave unlike any appearance I had ever seen on TV – the man was unhinged.

After a 15 minute canned speech – he decided to address his competition in the primary – George W. Bush. He did so by beginning with, “I am Luke Skywalker, and my opponents are members of the Empire. Together we will form the rebellion and defeat Darth Vadar”. He yelled this – first pumping – his voice full of anger – his face – beet red – and his eyes – well – they were scary.

The crowd instantly went from supportive – to bewildered.

He obviously didn’t pick up on the mood change – because he went on for another 5 minutes – ranting and raving about how everyone was lying about his record – his views – and he, “wasn’t going to take it any more” (remember the movie Network).

It was surreal.

When he finished – and with the prodding of an aid – he left the stage, while we in the crowd just stood there – stunned – and honestly – completely confused.

I asked a woman next to me: “what the hell just happened?” She answered: “that man is freaking nuts!”

I came home – walked in the house – sat on the couch and just looked at the wall. I suddenly realized – the man pushed on television – was not the man at all.

I have told this story many times – to many people – and I have heard the same story told back to me by others who have seen similar John McCain episodes.

I am not given to criticize anyone lightly ladies and gentlemen.

I am sure John McCain is a good man – but listen to me – and please believe me.


John McCain is unstable. John McCain is freaking nuts!

Dot-Black-SML.gif P.P.S.: Co-Chair of Double-Standard Bearer“>American Conservative Union (“ACU”) gives McCain declares McCain is no Conservative

Dot-Black-SML.gif Mark R. Levin: RLLY FOR ROMNEY – Conservatives need to act now, before it is too late.

Dot-Black-SML.gif So, vote for a Conservative, vote for Mitt Romney tomorrow, Tuesday, February 05, 2008. “If I win California,” Romney said, “that means you’re going to have a conservative in the White House.

Dot-Black-SML.gif Here’s a bunch who get it all wrong:


A vote is a terrible thing to waste – a vote for McCain is a vote for the Democrats; maybe that is what this trio and “guest” have in mind.

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