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Happy New Year, 2008 – may it be a happier, more productive and prosperous year for our nation and the world than we’ve experienced in 2007 — which, I admit, I am glad is over.

180wde_SnowShovels.jpgReading notorious-to-notorious (notorious, as in, making a more terrible impact on the lives of others than the randomnly offensive or problematic); however, the List is not in hierarchal order: Point 07. is in no way of lesser concern than is Point 01 and vice-versa, though I do set aside as particularly terrible Points 10., 09., 08 and 07:

  • 10. Al Qaeda — terrorism at it’s most insane affecting the world’s populations based upon entirely subjective mania without regard for reason, sanity, social graces or human empathy;
  • 09. Bin Laden — terrorism at it’s most insane affecting the world’s populations based upon entirely subjective mania without regard for reason, sanity, social graces or human empathy;
  • 08. Hugo Chavez — no saving graces, much offense by mostly his corrupt character and mental illness or some combination frequently of both, commisseration and enablements of terrorism with pet indulgences of narco-terrorists; goals evidenced in his methods are revealed to be the demise of nearly everyone else who he perceives may not be bowed to his “authority,” the footprint of a true maniacal dictator; (by much of this definition, can be interchanged with Point 02, below);
  • 07. Mexico — a nation of very capable and available resourcess that has created a human culture devoid of basic respects for other peoples, as evidenced by their chief exported product and that is massive illegal immigration into the U.S. responsible for crime and other social grievances committed upon the taxpayers, citizens and resources of the United States, without so much as an offer to reimburse the U.S. for the expenses and liabilities in general of their own citizens;
  • 06. China — included because of their ruin of the environment beginning in their own country and negatively affecting the globe from there, because of their violations of the internet by countless spammers, hackers and conspiratorials from China; and, because of the illegal alien problem in the U.S. that originates from China — combined with that originating in Mexico — that evidences a noticably deficient moral characteristic present in both these nation’s populations that then imposes same outward on other nations (high incidents of crime and other amorality, these are characteristics that typify a criminal population, not a reasonable one of good conscience in the average citizen from either/both nations and I have to ask, what, exactly, causes quite so many individuals from both these nations to create so many who then sneak and steal their way into other nations and continue their deficient behaviors afterward);
  • 05. John McCain — because he has ruined much of the voter faith in the Republican Party by his false pretenses of respecting and representing national security while doing what appears to be his average best to despoil our nation via amnesty for illegal aliens and many other, related compromises in attempts to secure national insecurity for U.S. citizens;
  • 04. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, for being the most immature and self-indulgent nincompoops ever to blight the Halls of Congress other than Ted Kennedy;
  • 03. Britny Spears‘ mother, other family and friends and professional representatives for not organizing an intervention sufficiently to ensure that this troubled person could receive the mental and emotional helps she needs (and the Media for using Spears’ mental/emotional condition as entertainment);
  • 02. George Soros for violating the very heart of democracy with how he epitomizes corruption: “money is the source of all evil” and Soros uses wealth in covert, deconstructive methods that counter the spirit of the U.S. as a republic; (can be interchanged with Point 08 and perhaps even with Point 09 as to maniacal intents and methods; however, I realize that Soros is not the only individual engaged in these offensive, quite creepy manipulative behaviors but he appear to be among the most dedicated in eradicating “resistance” to his goals and exercises little moral control over the methods he uses toward those ends);
  • and,

  • 01: United States Congress, for dreadful irresponsibility in mishandling Points 10. through 04 and for being manipulated extensively by Point 02., for failing to fulfill, even moderately, the job requirements to which they’ve been elected and in failing to meet a modicum of voter expectations.

Honorable Mention (depending on how you define, “honorable”):


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