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I’m not joking here: the anti-candidate’s candidate — as in, spoiler — at this stage of events among the GOP race is John McCain. How it is that the GOP can even begin to think that a majority of Republican voters (I am one) will support McCain for the Presidency is beyond me, given McCain’s contrariness, his errata in general in defiance and insult to many Conservative hopes of and about government.

I have long held the position that I’d vote for whoever the GOP nominee is but after the past few weeks of internet use (other sites) on which campaigners for all the candidates from both parties are present and opining, and, after reading the untoward statements and methods used by most of those promoting McCain and Huckabee in reference to Romney, I am rethinking this voting method of mine.

That is, it is possible I will withhold my vote in the Presidential election this year if this trend toward the Liberal Left among the GOP candidates and party continues.

My tentative conclusion is, if there’s little respect for the hopes and expectations of Conservative voters (by both parties, and by both parties’ now-leading candidates, after New Hampshire), why compromise my conscience and lend support to those who don’t respect my opinions. It is particularly offensive to me as a voter that the GOP would follow the most Liberal among their possible candidates and I suppose it might be that they anticipate us Conservatives voting for them “no matter what, no matter who” they nominate. They’re wrong, at least this time around.

One of the key problems with the McCain campaign is the number of supporters who malign Mitt Romney, as also in abundance from the Huckabee campaign. It’s been an eye-opening experience to read the disgusting lies many of those maligners have perpetuated about Romney (mostly as to his Mormon denomination — I am no Mormon and I am not voting based upon what a person’s religious denomination is but on what a candidate’s qualifications and positions are, as also their capabilities and track record).

Contrarily — and here is where the grave doubts set in about McCain to top-off the campaign malignments of Romney — McCain (as also Huckabee) cry that they’re “being attacked” and yet have been the two candidates who have begun attack ads and attack statements and made very maligning allegations about Romney as to his individual characteristics, and when Romney responded, McCain (and Huckabee), with the help of media, cemented a false allegation upon Romney that he was the “attacker” and they were being victimized when it was entirely just opposite of that.

So I noted from a few sampled voters in New Hampshire from yesterday who said they rejected Romney and favored McCain (and Huckabee) “because Romney was negative and used attack ads” and I wonder where these people have been, what they have not been reading and listening to that they’d be so badly distorted in their perceptions.

Add that as top-off to the apparently covert (either intentionally misleading or a statement about candidates’ perceptual problems and I refer here to McCain and Huckabee and their campaigns) statements I’ve just mentioned, the disgusting, creepy rant from Ed Rollins, national campaign chair for Huckabee — and many boasts that appeared later yesterday after the New Hampshire results were made known from both McCain and Huckabee campaigns as to them commisserating toward defeating Romney (which I’ve been suggesting is underway for a while now) — results in me not being eager to cast a vote for people such as McCain and Huckabee. If this means the Democrats win in ’08, well, I am considering the possibility that that is the GOP objective, to lose.

Thus, I still look for a reason to believe. I’m not hopeful I’ll find those reasons in McCain nor in Huckabee.

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