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On behalf of grateful GOP voters in other states, my thanks to Michigan’s GOP voters for doing the right thing.

And congratulations to Mitt Romney for a highly deserved and hard-earned victory yesterday in Michigan.

McCain’s speech, by the way, read from a prepared script, seems to indicate his handlers didn’t trust him with the microphone unrestrained. Obviously, he’s missing the economy issue and I daresay, his self promotions on “national security” and “reducing spending” ring hollow given his poltical legacy in Congress that reveal he’s worked to pass decrease national security (his amnesty mess and several other legislative fiascos) and increase deficits (AND spending) (note the amnesty fiasco again — read the details, authored by McCain, it attempted to create massive, as in billions of dollars, spending and indebtedness).

Congratulations, Romney (and family, all of whom appeared with Mitt on stage to share their victory and were noticably loving one another — more to like about Mitt Romney, by the way, that family love).


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