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100wde_de-fine.jpg Hey, all: as has been written before here, after installing MovableType 4.01, the previously functioning site templates and MovableType customizations had to be set aside.

The updated, newly installed MT 4.01 edition is unique from previous MT editions and the template methodology is unique accordingly; thus, templates written and functioning with previous MT editions don’t translate well to the unique 4.01 configuration and it’s required me starting afresh in both learning about these MT 4.01 changes and then recreating my own site per site requirements. I’m pleased to write that what initially appeared beyond my reach — the MT 4.01 program — has now become understandable and usable after reading the Documentation in while living my life otherwise this past week. MT 4.01 is very smartly done and I commend the authors for what they’ve created.

And that I have an excellent webhost is, of course, a large part of accomplishing the program installation. In fact, the excellent webhost accomplished all of that on this site’s behalf (which is why they remain the most excellent webhost I’ve yet to find, not that I continue to look for alternatives, being exceptionally pleased with where this site is situated now:

100wde_l-i-a-r.jpg As to my site progress, pending today are installation in the site templates of blogrolls and direct links. All those sites I’ve maintained past mutual links with — including blogrolls — will return soon (another day or so — I have not had a dedicated project time to complete this site’s new templates and all, but am rapidly catching up recently). So, finish isn’t too far off after today, as to overall site (re)design.

Thanks, again, for reading BIRD.

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