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Watching this video from yesterday’s press conference with President Bush, I remember why I voted for him (twice). However, I wish he’d think differently (than he has) about illegal immigration and enforcement.

Q Okay. Mr. President, you maybe saw that your former colleague from the National Governors Association, Mike Huckabee —

THE PRESIDENT: You’re trying to get me in the race, Mike.

Q No, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re trying to drag me in the race. I know — what’s your advice? Should I do it?

Q Do it.


Q Go for it. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: I plan on having some press conferences next year, and I suspect next year the questions will be even more plentiful about getting me to be the opiner-in-chief.

Yes, go ahead, Mike.

Q Mr. President, this is a question about your foreign policy. You maybe saw that your foreign policy was described as arrogant, go-it-alone. I wonder why you disagree with that, and if there’s any danger in having —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s a clever way of getting me in the race. Look, during the primaries and during the general election, I suspect my name may come up a lot, and what the American people need to do is to sort through the rhetoric and reality.

And so this is a subtle attempt to get me to start commenting about the primaries, and I’m not going to do so. I will wait, reserve judgment, be patient, and after the primaries are over, will help my party unify, because I believe we will keep the White House. I believe ours is a party that understands the nature of the world in which we live, and that the government’s primary responsibility is to protect the American citizens from harm. And I will continue to remind the American people that our professionals need to have the tools necessary to make sure that we find out who’s thinking about attacking us, and if they are, do something about it. That’s what we’re going to do.

We’re also the party that understands that you can spend your money, Michael, all that money they pay you, you can spend it better than the government can spend it. And therefore, we’re going to keep taxes low. And we’ve got an economic — a plan that will keep this economy strong.

And I’m looking forward to doing my bit. In the meantime, I’m out raising money for the Republican Party, trying to make sure that once the primaries are over, that you’re trying to drag me into, that we’re united and ready to go. And I’m confident we’ll hold the White House, and I’m confident we can pick up seats in both the Senate and the Congress.

Dot-Black-SML.gif Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan thinks the election might be “…Down to Mitt or Mike“.

And Matt Lowry strikes again and does so so well: read all about Mike’s “magic wand.” It’s commentary and keen observation by Lowry at his best.

While the Border Fencing funding has been reduced by the ever unreliable (and disgusting) Congress, they’ve flailed their last straw with this current mishmash from our nation’s hallowed halls. They fund the fence, they don’t build the fence, they defund the fence…who can ever believe much of anything this Congress has to say?

With Tom Tancredo concluding his campaign for the Presidency — few of us who respect what he’s accomplished considered that he’d win but have supported him as to the primary issues he has promoted: border security and immigration enforcement. These issues remain present, even after Tancredo’s withdrawn his candidacy, and political persons who ignore how important these issues are to many voters are bound to lose popular support if not lose office altogether if already elected.

Thus, from this voter, among my top-tier motivations for voting and for whom I’ll eventually support and vote are:

  • (1.) national security, which includes border security and immigration enforcement;
  • (2.) the future of the Supreme Court; and,
  • (3.) lowering taxes.

We have to, as a nation, decrease the access to taxpayer doles for illegal aliens and stop the flow of illegal immigration by all means possible. Any candidate who continues to limit enforcement to “only criminals among illegal aliens” won’t get my vote, if for the sheer reason I can’t support nonsense and double-speak — anyone who wants to hold elected office who does not recognize the illlegality involved in illegal immigration is not fit to hold public office.

And, more blunt than that, any candidate who continues to blur the lines between “immigration” and “illegal immigration” (as in, “illegal aliens”), is not going to gain my support, nor my vote, just as are those who continue to fall back on various tweak-terms for amnesty without calling it that which it is (amnesty by any other name is still amnesty — a “path to citizenship” is amnesty, and, not requiring illegal aliens to leave the country is amnesty and it’s time that people who want our votes and the right to spend taxpayer money started speaking candidly in these regards).

So, along those lines, best wishes and thanks to Tancredo, he’s provided a very good service to the nation by ensuring the issues of illegal immigration and border security have become concerns in the ’08 Presidential election, as also throughout Congress. And what we have today in Congress is not a group of heroic individuals who appear capable of resolving these problems, so, thus, yes, there is likely to be an increase in Conservatives in Congress as President Bush forecasts. I pray they are not “amnesty-ites,” however, whoever they will be in the near future, as long as they’re replacements for the majority who are there now.

As to the ’08 Presidency, I stilll favor Mitt Romney. Huckabee appears to be someone who would use the Presidency to expand government and to increase illegal immigration and I don’t consider his “Nine Point Plan” on immigration to be much of anything but fodder and evasiveness of yet another “open-borders” social liberal. And I’m disappointed in Huckabee accordingly and mostly, I don’t think Huckabee is all that bright, compared with Romney.

Dot-Black-SML.gif Otherwise/Related…more about the Border Fencing:

There’s also what appears to be a minor Rudy Giuliani connection to all this. His law firm (Bracewell & Giuliani) apparently donated money to (Kay Bailey) Hutchison [NOTE: who amended the recent appropriations bill to reduce funding to the Border Fence], and that firm has represented DynCorp – a “virtual fence” subcontractor – in litigation…Whether there’s shenanigans involved isn’t known.

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