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The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan yesterday was utterly senseless: an intelligent, poised, well educated mother and controversial leader, killed by what appears to be yet another greedy, self-aggrandizing, stupid and senseless act from a “Muslim extremist” — suspected to be responsible is Al Queda though not entirely yet proven (the truth will come out soon enough).

I’ve read a lot of breaking news since yesterday’s events that took the life of Bhutto and I shake my head in sadness at the wretched and miserable act of hate that took the life of this vital, interesting and worthy person. Pakistan has suffered a very great loss with her death and whoever is responsible for this was and is — if there is a a group behind this and it is likely that there is — beneath contempt. I can’t imagine what immense mental and psychological disturbance exists in the mind and soul of any human being to behave as this; it is beyond my capacity to comprehend the depravity that would produce and motivate anyone so equally depraved as to have taken the life of this woman, as also their own afterward — the murderer in his suicidal explosion took the lives of twenty other persons around him.

As to the moments preceding Bhutto’s fatal wounding — Bhutto standing up inside her SUV to wave at the appreciative crowds as she exited the speaking engagement and then being wounded fatally as she stood there in her vehicle — suggests that someone inside the vehicle signaled the killer in the area at that moment, enabling the assassin to spring forth right then and there to complete their despicable deed.

And what has happened: creepy people proved they could take the life of a lovely woman among them and asserted just how vile they could be and perhaps still are, as to remaining associates. The statement made by this event upon their own souls is quite dreadful.

It’s a sad statement from the darkness as to the profanity of Christmas peace.

At least Bhutto appeared to be happy only moments before her death. And she was busy about the unlabored act of sharing love.


Photographs used in this entry are by Reuters.

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