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This blog isn’t stagnant, it’s stale. Updates have become burdensome since upgrading to MovableType 4.0 due to imported, pre-existing templates used successfully otherwise with previous MT editions, and, due to an excess of image files cluttering up my “Site Root” in my site File Manager (an annoying result of many thousands of foolish hotlinkers, requiring image file replacements at existing hotlinked locations combined with replacement images under new file names uploaded to maintain my own use of my own image files on my own site). Essentially, my site takes an excessive time to respond to publish and edit commands using MT 4.0 and I grow weary of waiting it out, and thus, the use of the site becomes tedious for all but the most ardent intent to write something.

Thus, it’s become more of a hassle to update and edit this site while waiting for the site response, and, it’s become ridiculously silly to try to comment here due to the unresolved, shrunken comments “box” or reply area for visitors here. And, I’ve kept postponing figuring out the solutions myself due to life requirements elsewhere — I’m not a designer educated formally in website design and the template design issues I’ve managed so far are mostly like the sweater and sock results of someone trying to figure out on their own how to knit: takes longer than paying someone else to do it for you, unless the process is one of education while the design results are left hanging in the interim.

But I’m working on resolutions to these problems, inorder to continue blogging. I’ve considered deleting the existing site, starting over with a basic prepared template and then leaving thousands of broken image links all over the internet for hotlinkers to deal with, and then recreating site customizations on my own time, one at a time in “knit perl” fashion (pun intended), to accommodate my learning curve.

What I need to do is just zip-up the existing site contents, save it to disk, clear the existing File Manager and then reimport and start all over, or, if there’s any designer reading this who would be able to solve a few existing hangups for me, I would appreciate it (please contact me, if so).

I have a site arrangement (“design”) resolved already, I know what templates I need as to title and function (for the most part) but I need someone who can author templates with ease, OR be available for a few hours here and there to advise me how to accomplish specific tasks. The first task would be to advise me how to enlarge the functional comments box or commenting area, because after importing to MovableType 4.0 and launching TypeKey commenting, the box shrunk in size before my very eyes to something impossible to use.

Thus, due to these existing complications, I am not updating BIRD as often as I’d like to be and, so far, to date, not made the concentration effort available to learn to solve these site design problems on my own.

However, I will continue to update this site and manage in bandaid fashion the existing File Manager congestion, but I felt it would be helpful to any readers to explain why the site goes silent more often lately — it’s certainly not for lack of anything to write. Please hang-in and visit again because I appreciate the visits.

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