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Jonny Fairplay Flipped By Danny Bonaduce At Fox Reality Awards

“…Danny Bonaduce then starts to walk away, but Jonny Fairplay calls him back. Jonny Fairplay then jumps up on Danny Bonaduce and starts hugging him. Danny Bonaduce flips Jonny Fairplay over his head, and Fairplay lands face first on the floor…”

Fairplay did a tad more than just a “hugging” of Danny Bonaduce: Fairply leaped face-first, full-body onto the upper facing/front torso of unsuspecting Bonaduce, where Fairplay landed (on Bonaduce) in spread-leg position around Bonaduce’s face and upper torso where he (Fairplay) began “pumping” Bonaduce in something suggestive of physical sexual aggression upon Bonaduce.

Go to to view the video, though I’m not keen on the website (it’s the quickest way I know how to direct anyone to view the video online).

220wde_Viking Bonaduce, physically capable and in rejection of Fairplay’s bump-and-grind in his face, lifts the torso-planted, bumping Fairplay up and tosses him off. Fairplay lands behind Bonaduce and alleges he broke some teeth in the process.

Clearly Bonaduce didn’t agress upon Fairplay, he didn’t invite or entice him into any body contact, sexually simulating in nature or otherwise. And tossing a person — who has lept uninvited onto your body — off your body in response to them leaping onto you (even without the sexual-display that followed by Fairplay) is certainly not the behavior of anyone with a plan for anything other than to get an offensive individual off their own body. Bonaduce wasn’t in any position to “push away” Fairplay and given Fairplay’s full-on full-body plant on Bonaduce, tossing Fairplay off his body was Bonaduce’s only option — either that or comply with Fairplay’s absurd behavior and leave the stooge to grind away uninvited.

Fairplay broke teeth when he impacted the floor — that’s his problem (and unfortunate that he isn’t indicating awareness of anything else) — he’s not apologizing to Bonaduce, he’s filing a lawsuit. Maybe he should think it through in the future before leaping uninvited onto someone else and pumping his groin in someone else’s face.

Danny Bonaduce gets the Be Fit & Be Well Award of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

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