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150wde_Pelosi_Monarch San Francisco Board of Supervisors seek to ‘ban Michael Savage” . I think it’s way past due time to ban the entire City of San Francisco from the civilized world. It’s too bad, because the City used to be such a great place, several decades ago.

I can make a few exceptions from the area but it’s long past time that the place is cleaned out, cleaned up and the contrary, condemning and intolerant Liberals are moved-on: ignoring them would work to some degree, avoiding them to another degree, but the area afflicts the entire nation more often than not, certainly their irrational, irresponsible voting does (witness the election of Nancy Pelosi for example of that).

Obviously, from the recent spate of attacks from the Left upon specific Talk Radio hosts, the Left is waging an organized operation to silence/harm (if not remove) Americans (from the United States) with particular focus on media that the Left does not control (and that’d be Talk Radio and FOX News — meanwhile, Talk Radio and FOX News enjoy a far greater audience than other/all Liberal media).

If ever there was a case of intolerance by Liberals, and their disrespect for that Freedom of Speech they like to bounce on when questioned as to their own statements, this effort by San Francisco’s Liberal Supervisors is one.

I’ve declined several invites to the City of San Francisco in the recent years, and I’ll continue (now) to do so. I urge all Conservatives to do so, likewise.

Update: More handy information from Michelle Malkin…
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