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It’s the same dreadful work by the same rotten cast of characters in our Senate: Harry Reid is pushing for a cloture vote tomorrow in the Senate on S. 2205 — otherwise hideously misnamed THE DREAM ACT, which is not only amnesty for illegal aliens, it’s a giveaway for crime and bad behavior, and, a slap with a spit in the face of every person who stands in line, fills out forms and patiently endures a legal immigration process.

Not only is this dreadful NIGHTMARE reaching eruption tomorrow in the Senate, the media (with Senate encouragement, I am sure) has been nearly shutdown on any information about what’s in process there as to this terrible event looming for action tomorrow: a cloture vote would, of course, eliminate any and all argument against passing this rotten bit of “legislation,” S. 2205.

So of course Harry Reid and predictable Liberal Democrats are piling on. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein (CA), Dick Durbin (IL), Ken Salazar (CO), Joe Lieberman (CT), Bill Nelson (FL), Menendez (NJ) and several RINOs for good measure…the list is a poor example of leadership and I have no hesitation in publicly stating this low opinion I have of each and every one of the U.S. Senators on the list of supporters of this rotten legislation, S. 2205.

It continually offends me that Democrats use “children” and neediness by human beings as their justification to pillage the United States, often without direct ethical benefit to children, but to the contrary, to enact detrimental conditions upon the very vulnerable individuals they allege to be representing: in this case, the children of illegal aliens, used yet again by Liberals and RINOs in the Senate to inflict harms on the United States of America, as also, especially, every legal immigrant who does the right things inorder to become a citizen. People who drag and otherwise sneak their children into the U.S. as they illegally enter and remain in our nation are responsible for their children and rewarding them with college educations — and anything else — is exactly that: a reward for illegal, not honorable character and behaviors.

But this impending amnesty bill is not “just” limited to these rewards: it would provide a speedy “path to citizenship” to illegal aliens — which is why it’s called yet another version of amnesty — at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and legal immigrants, and that’s just the tip of the problem. Read this commentary for the whole array of damage that is possible if S. 2205 passes (and Reid’s despicable cloture move is entirely dishonorable about such controversial plans, to top it all off).

It’s obviously too late today for us California voters to contact our Senators — though I wonder what the point even is to do so what with the excessive Liberal and unreliable behavior by both the CA Democrat Senators, Boxer and Feinstein, when and as one does not share in their often unsupportable perspectives — and the conditions in California today as in the past few days has certainly discouraged nearly everyone here from doing much of anything but surviving (and I do not exaggerate there — the fires here are all consuming, and pun intended).

But, try everyone should, even if it’s tomorrow morning (in my case, it will be) when a telephone call can be made.

Dot-Red-ARROW CALL your Senators and tell them to vote NO on cloture on Wednesday, 10/24/07, to vote NO on S. 2205, the DREAM Act Nightmare.

Dot-Red-ARROW And thank the following Senators for their “anti-amnesty” continued positions:

Alabama: Sessions; Shelby
Colorado: Allard
Georgia: Chambliss; Isakson
Kansas: Roberts
Kentucky: Bunning; McConnell
Louisiana: Vitter
Mississippi: Lott
Missouri: Bond
North Carolina: Burr; Dole
Oklahoma: Coburn; Inhofe
South Carolina: DeMint
South Dakota: Thune
Tennessee: Alexander; Corker
Wyoming: Barrasso; Enzi

Note: please read my category, Immigration: Illegals: THE AMNESTY KRAKEN, because I wrote about S. 2205 a while ago, when it first eeked out of the House, with Nancy Pelosi’s enabling deceit to squeak it past the public.


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