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320wde_SchumerAndReidBurnAmerica They’re not Democrats, they’re clearly an invasive force from some distant concept of government that exists in the minds and mental disturbance of people who revile the United States Constitution and who are in need of — in the case of Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, Ted Kennedy, Dick Schumer, Dick Durbin, Hillary Clinton and sadly, Obama, too, too many to list here — psychological counselling.

I actually had hopes for Obama — he at some point impressed me as intelligent enough to be capable of managing complex tasks, though I completely disagree with his political intents and his immaturity suggests he’s not leadership material so much as he’s celebrity — but his signing on today with the rest of the troubled Democrat minds is yet another problem about him. Hillary Clinton and Obama doing so confirms them both as followers, not leaders, but that’s already been proven about both of them so no surprise there. In fact, Hillary’s coming forward as being the loathesome fringe Far Lefter that most of us from the other pole have always suspected she was but, unfortunately, kind and temperate Obama has already established himself way over there, out far in a Far Left dimension.

The Democrats’ use of the U.S. Senate to literally shred the reputations of people in media who are not Liberals is beyond disgusting. I’ve seen desperate politics in my lifetime in the United States, but yesterday’s and today’s use of the U.S. Senate by people entrusted to use it to the contrary — responsibly, for purposes of legislating on behalf of our country — using the building like their alleyway to dirty-down reality in the process is entirely and extremely disturbing.

These are people entrusted with the very lives and moment-to-moment existence of our entire nation’s citizens and to see and read about their behaviors there as they effort to rip apart Rush Limbaugh — among other Conservatives — for their personal, politically motivated hate-attacks is a real problem for our nation, and, unfortunately, also, for the greater world.

320wde_BadExamples-Pelosi-Reid Do Senate Democrats not understand the English language? Do they continually perceive what is not said or written or worse, not perceive what is? What exactly is the mental state of people such as Harry Reid and the rest motivating this “condemn Rush Limbaugh” (among others) movement?

Can any one of them define what and who a “Democrat” is without lying or making false statements about our country and about themselves? I doubt it — and I doubt it because I’ve seen little to nothing to suggest that they can or that they might understand what the political party once was (and it was not for the most part in our nation’s history a party of treacherous Marxists as it is today — and I don’t make that statement casually).

I’ve never been as concerned about our government as I am today. The Democrats — as exemplified by the Democrats in the Senate yesterday and today — are displaying all the behaviors of people gone insane.


Limbaugh has vehemently denied a wholesale attack on antiwar servicemen and women. A literal reading of the Sept. 26 show in question shows that the controversial host did not in fact say that soldiers opposing the war are “phony,” but his remarks have left confusion as to whom he is referring when he used the phrase.

The offense came up when a caller named Mike, who said he is currently serving in the Army, described his anger about talk of a pull-out from Iraq. Limbaugh readily agrees, according to the recorded exchange:

CALLER 2 (Mike): …What’s really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media.

LIMBAUGH: The phony soldiers.

CALLER 2: The phony soldiers. If you talk to a real soldier, they are proud to serve. They want to be over in Iraq. They understand their sacrifice, and they’re willing to sacrifice for their country.

Limbaugh has since said on his show that he was referring only to one soldier: disgraced, convicted former Army soldier-turned-antiwar-activist Jesse Macbeth. Macbeth falsely claimed to have participated in war crimes in Iraq and received a Purple Heart, but in reality, he was discharged after only 44 days of service, never placing a foot in Iraq.

Macbeth was sentenced to five months in prison for fraudulently collecting more than $10,000 in benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Back here on the real world in which the rest of us all live — not the same world as the Senate Democrats nor most Democrats in general, in my experience after seeing what they’ve become — that brief interaction between Limbaugh and the caller is as clear as a bell: who they were referring to and what they were saying. It contains no denigration of anyone in military service (neither by Limbaugh nor by the caller), it is clearly a reference to one person at one time who “pretended” what his involvement in military service is.

The problem to Democrats here, with this brief comment by Limbaugh, is that it rings too similarly to the character problems of John Kerry and Tom Harkin: two (Democrats) people in the Senate who both distorted (they lied) about their military service and in Kerry’s case, particularly, he lied about his experiences of others in the course of misrepresenting himself (AND he violated the Military Code of Conduct in going to Europe to meet with Communist Sandinista — a declared enemy of the United States at that time — while Kerry was still enlisted in the military).

So the Democrats have born a wound since Kerry was outed as being who he is and what he did, and that his behaviors as he reported them (he lied about his experiences and conditions) and sworn statement before the U.S. Congress was proven to contain falsehoods (he lied under oath), and their hatred for others has swelled into something that isn’t well, it’s disturbed, and has leaped out of that wound as an attack by Democrats upon Conservatives in media (among other areas of our civilization).

I think the key question at this point is what Senate Republicans are going to do about this. And what us Conservative voters are going to do. We can vote, we can call, we can complain, but we should all be praying for our country and particularly for the Senate Democrats who appear to have lost their minds.


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