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It’s been a great week watching the build o’ bids via Ebay as the Democrats’ Smear Letter was offered at auction by Rush Limbaugh for charitable purposes — winning top bid of $2.1 million was by philanthropist Betty Casey, trustee of the Eugene B. Casey Foundation, and Limbaugh made good his initial offer of matching funds with the final bid bringing the total charity sum to $4.2 million. Limbaugh’s favored charity, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, is set to receive the total amount.

320wde_HarryReidWelcomesMars The Smear Letter targets Limbaugh, a private citizen, for something Limbaugh did not say nor do — “disparage our troops” so Reid and Congressional Democrats falsely swore in writing, in lies — and, it violates the powers of Congress by targeting a private citizen, Limbaugh. In simple terms, what Reid and Senate Democrats said (the false allegation by Reid about Limbaugh) and did (the Smear Letter, complete with signatures by many Senate Democrats) was mind-blowingly ridiculous.

Democrat Harry Reid — who is responsible for the initial smear from whence the Smear Letter was then authored by Reid and other Democrats in the Senate — Reid attempts today to take credit for the final, charitable result that was conceived of and orchestrated by Limbaugh and made possible by Ms. Casey. Reid and his Democrats are responsible for the reckless damages and cowardly abuses they have caused yet all Reid can do is vainly lie again.

“Harry Reid Greets Mars”

320wde_HarryReidGreetsMars How low does Reid’s character go? His cheapness in this situation is preposterous and preposterously offensive. My concerns this evening are as to Reid’s mental health because he’s displaying many of the characteristics of a senile individual, certainly an incompetent in his use of Congress and his position as Senate Majority Leader.

To the contrary, Rush Limbaugh proves he’s a hero to our military and a wonderful, truly wonderful citizen of this country.

Sorry, Democrats, you lose yet again. Rush Limbaugh, obviously, loves our troops, as does Betty Casey, and the Congressional Democrats don’t. Nothing new in any of that, while Harry Reid is proving himself time and time again to be a very lowdown and dirty cad.

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