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I’m disappointed that Newt Gingrich won’t run for the Presidency in this upcoming 2008 Election. And why he’s announced he isn’t going to run brings to greater emphasis (if not already established) as to the many miscarriages made possible by McCain-Feingold-Cochran Campaign Reform Bill (“McCain-Feingold”).


And I agree that he would have been one, and probably our next President, when compared to the candidate-possibilities’ landscape otherwise at present. On the issues, I am not completely supportive of Gingrich (the immigration and borders issues remain a problem, for starters), but politically, Gingrich would make a highly competent, competitive President.

Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler said Saturday that Gingrich opted out of the race, a crowded one with nine candidates, after determining he could not legally explore a bid and stay as head of his tax-exempt political organization.

Besides the potential legal difficulties, Gingrich said running would have wasted the effort spent building up American Solutions for Winning the Future, the tax-exempt political arm of his lucrative empire as an author, pundit and consultant.

“To give up and kill an organization we spent a year on and that had 2,000 sites around the country where people had now invested their time and effort just to look at whether or not you could run, I thought would be irresponsible,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Just last week, Gingrich said he had set an Oct. 21 deadline to raise $30 million in pledges for a possible run, acknowledging that the task was difficult but not impossible.

He said Sunday that the deciding factor was learning he risked violating the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.

“I thought there was a way that you could continue the momentum of those ideas while I began to prepare a presidential campaign,” Gingrich said. “What we learned yesterday morning was, I mean, it’s literally a go to jail, criminal activity.”

In a taped appearance broadcast on “Fox News Sunday,” Gingrich also criticized the law.

“The effect of the McCain-Feingold censorship act has been to weaken the middle class, to make it harder to have a middle-class candidate and to make it much, much harder to raise money and so I think you’ve got to be realistic about what it takes to campaign,” he said.

Who knows if miscarriage of election “justice” was the intent by either or both John McCain and Russ Feingold in writing and then pushing their disasterous legislation (“The McCain-Feingold Act”), but at this point, I have to wonder about them both in that regard. As also the rest of Congress who passed the Act and what their motives were in voting as they did.

I hope the time ahead — now not involved in a Presidential campaign — will reveal solutions as Newt Gingrich rethinks any unresolved areas he may have as to illegal aliens in our nation, “sanctuary cities,” amnesty in general for illegal aliens and intents to replace our existing U.S. population in ever-increasing two-and-one-half increases every generation.

Because we need a country, not a camp, we need a decent nation in which to live, we don’t need to make the U.S. into Bangladesh coast-to-coast, or inner city nationwide. Our carrying-capacity as a nation has been met and exceeded and it’s time to seek other solutions for those businesses and interests who think the U.S. territory is theirs to plummet and exploit, like chicken-roosting human beings wherever possible so some can pluck profitable feathers for their downy quilts.

Don’t get me wrong, I like downy quilts. I just don’t like to see the nation become a development of poverty and urbanity (or, usually, both) coast-to-coast and overpoputing our nation as also over-exploiting our resources — the most effective way to ruin the place — despite the fact that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (and those like them) and agribusiness and hotel chains get richer from the exploitation. The vast majority of the middle-class, average citizen loses, as do also ideals, liberties, beliefs and our value and confidence in government, accordingly, and these are very, very harmful things to our country.

However, by contrast, Gingrich is a great talent in solutions and ideas and I’m keen on his organization, American Solutions for Winning the Future, as also his many books and commentaries and particularly his sustained ability to inspire and organize.

My only reservations — as with all politicians — is as to their sincerity of national security as it remains compromised by illegal aliens, exploitation of our immigration laws and citizenship requirements by certain profiteers (from both the U.S. and other nations who funnel illegals to the U.S. by various incentives or lack of them), and national security otherwise. We need new thinking in the U.S., we need a more robust public education system, we need to curb lawsuits and the use of courts to penalize citizens’ exercise of Constitutional freedoms (and the “Progressive” use of public education and other public programs is how they’ve made possible many of our existing problems today that now need remedy).

And, more forebodingly but unfounded beyond the intuitive, I worry that the Clinton Destruction Model has made threats. Can’t prove it but suspect it, would be foolish not to.

Good luck to Newt Gingrich. He’d have made a great President in 2008. But he can serve an even greater purpose in the near-future by helping to reorganize Conservatives and the GOP.

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