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320wde_BarbaraBoxer_Unbelievability By way of Michelle Malkin and HOT AIR — although I heard this news earlier today — this hideous news about California Senator (and Democrat) Barbara Boxer and her Senate Amendment 3246, which she’s attaching to the current appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce and Justice and related (HR 3093 – “Appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2008”) which is now before the Senate after being passed by the House in July 2007.

To paraphrase the concept involved here, then, Boxer’s amendment seeks to require funding appropriations for the Department of Justice be associated with them not enforcing our immigration laws and for the Department of Commerce (and Science and Related) associated with them misrepresenting the population of the United States of America. In other words, she seeks to pay them for behaving in opposition of their respective Department ethics, to violate their purposes as Departments, essentially.

Boxer amendment would block immigration enforcement in order to count illegal aliens for 2010 Census, boost Democrat seats by Michelle Malkin, and,

Barbara Boxer maneuvers to have more illegals included in 2010 census by HOT AIR.

From the comments at HOT AIR, user “tommylotto” points out the practical grindings that are continuing to drag California ever farther into territory foreign (and oppositional to) the United States (with implications for the rest of the nation based upon the same district issues present in Calfornia, which makes it possible to “win” a vote by only one vote cast when only one registered voter resides in a district of otherwise a hundred thousand or more illegal aliens who although not able to vote [legitimately] are counted — and will be nationwide if Boxer/Democrats have their way of things — inorder to create increased districts):

In the states (affected by illegal alien populations if Boxer’s efforts pass), the new congressional districts will be drawn using the same census. Red districts will be filled with voting citizens. Blue districts will be filled with non-voting illegals. It will take fewer votes to elect a Democrat in a district with few actual voters, and more votes to elect a Republican.

Here in CA it would shock you how few votes Fabian Nunez actually needs to stay in office.

What, again, do we have a U.S. Senate for? Surely it is not to protect and defend the citizens of ths nation, but to protect and defend their political party and, in the Democrats’ case, to protect every possible counter-national, Marxist-hungry insurrectionist they can lay their hands on.

Never was I more concerned — and ashamed — of the two Senators from California as I am today (those two Senators are Democrats Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who is leading the way for increased “cheap labor” — that means lax immigration enforcement upon and more “lenient” entry and residency programs for illegal aliens — on behalf of, so the story goes, agribusiness, among other rejectable politics they both wage from the Senate).

As to Boxer’s latest effort, referring again to Michelle Malkin:

U.S. states with large numbers of undocumented immigrants could receive additional seats in Congress after the 2010 census is conducted.

A University of Connecticut study concluded Arizona, Texas and Florida could all see their House delegations increase due to rising populations that include sizable numbers of illegal immigrants.

Although they can’t vote, such aliens are included in the census. The San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News predicted Tuesday the pending 2010 headcount could be the subject of a political fight as Democrats and Republicans jockey for position before House seats are reallocated.

The Connecticut study also predicted California and New Jersey would likely keep their current number of seats while states with fewer immigrants, including New York, Illinois and Ohio, will lose a seat or two.

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