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I laughed aloud and I’m still laughing about this from Vir Speluncae Catholicus at THE LAIR OF THE CATHOLIC CAVEMEN:

Switzerland Grows A Backbone?
Yodle-Lay-Hee-Get The Hell Outta Here-Hoooooo

it looks as if the docile, chocolate eating, cuckoo clock making Swiss have had about enough. The Swiss People’s Party has proposed new legislation that would see entire families of immigrants deported if their children are convicted of crimes involving violence, drugs or benefit fraud…

Read it all, you won’t regret it.

After you read that, (over there), read my somber add-ons, which follow here.

250wde_SwissPoster_Deportation.jpg Swiss People’s Party President, Ueli Maurer, is photographed (left) before a poster recently produced by his Party that depicts the foreign criminal element being “kicked out” of Switzerland.


Switzerland’s biggest political party, the rightwing Swiss People’s Party, has come under renewed fire for its hard-hitting election campaign attacking foreigners.

On Wednesday Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey denounced posters depicting three white sheep booting a black sheep out of the country as “irresponsible” and liable to incite racial hatred.

“I think it is important that there are people in this country who have the courage to stand up and denounce this type of campaign, which to be quite frank disgusts me. It disgusts me because it stirs up hatred. They are racist campaigns,” Calmy-Rey, a member of the centre-left Social Democrats, told Swiss-French radio.

The “black sheep” posters underpin a People’s Party initiative to expel foreign criminals, which was launched on August 1 — Swiss National Day — three months ahead of October’s parliamentary elections.

The People’s Party secured 26.2 per cent of the vote four years ago on the back of equally provocative campaigning, and latest polls show a similar level of support for the party this time around.

The posters, which have been plastered across the country and the Swiss press, have attracted the ire of the Federal Commission against Racism, the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities and even the United Nations…

(Read the full article here.)

The imagery does not depict “white people” kicking “black people” out of Switzerland, but low and behold, that’s the outcry that has ensued about the poster imagery and about the intention that the poster allegedly represents. (Here’s a reckless and misleading [and emotional] derisive article from MyWayNews about the situation.)

Swiss_Flag.jpgThe flag of Switzerland is a white cross on a red field. The human criminal element — and crimes, bad deeds — are often depicted as being “dark” or black or otherwise, “bad.” Thus, the white sheep kicking out the black sheep: good ejects bad.

It has nothing to do with “white PEOPLE sheep” but just try telling that to those complaining, who are attempting to draw comparisons with the white sheep/black sheep poster to “Nazis” and the events that occured leading up to and during World War II in Europe (Switzerland closed it’s borders eventually [after first allowing a lot of immigration from surrounding Europe] because too many people had already arrived there, and the nation had little ability to govern it’s population if it grew to any greater extent under the grim circumstances created by the War).

That was then, this is now. “Foreigners” in Switzerland are, literally, anyone in Switzerland who is there from somewhere else. A “bad” (or black sheep) foreigner is anyone in Switzerland who has overstayed their visa, arrived/remained there illegally and violates Swiss law or laws afterward.

The Swiss efforts to deport criminal foreign element from their nation is a measure aimed at solving a critical immigration problem they have (as does the U.S., and as does the U.K. and France and Germany and several other Northern European nations), a problem of too many people from everywhere else arriving in these nations, breaking laws and illicitly accessing services paid for by the citizens, causing hardship and objectionable conditions put upon citizens caused by the burden of caring for everyone else — and when those they’re extending themselves for are not in the nation legally, or, are immigrants engaged in crimes otherwise, when they violate additiional laws beyond illegally immigrating, they cause suffering and hardship for everyone else and that’s what’s taking place today throughout the Western nations who offer a better quality of life than do the nations that produce the immigrants-foreigners-illegal aliens (that is, both the illegal alien and the legal immigrant who create illegal acts after arriving).

But Switzerland is a tiny nation. Compared to the U.S., it’s landmass is something like the equivalent of Kentucky or Tennessee. It can’t sustain unlimited numbers of people arriving and staying there who then access public (and private) services intended for the nation’s people, especially when they do so criminally or illigitimately. Neither can England, now that I think of it, who is experiencing similar problems due to being overburdened by needy immigrants who rely on their “free” (paid by the English workers) healthcare and subsidized housing (awarded to all immigrants by the government — the U.K. has a Socialist government, after all), among other resources that the British citizens then pay for and have ever so little remaining with each passing year for their own families (while thier taxes increase for all those services accessed by others, many of whom are not citizens or who arrive only for purposes of exploiting the services).

In many respects, it’s the same in the U.S. After seeing the riots in France from the disgruntled criminal “youth” among France’s immigrant population and reading about similar threats fomenting in Germany (and throughout Northern Europe for that matter — Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, these are all nations experiencing the same problems as we are, as is Britain, as is now little Switzerland) — many people in our range of nations took grave notice as to the problems and why they existed, and, who was causing them and in what extreme.

So, Switzerland decides to deport immigrants who violate their laws. Good for them. Liberals complain that it isn’t fair, that this effort to deport criminal aliens (or, “foreigners”) represents Switzerland as a “Nazi” nation, “racist” all the worst they can allege. The only Nazis in our world, then and now, are Nazis. Everyone else isn’t one. It’s time to face the facts and realize that things have to be done orderly and by process, legitimately, and that penalties are rightly applied to those who violate those requirements. I can barely believe that the concept of law and enforcement of laws is even in need of being explained to anyone today.

The Nazis waged a dreaded, selection process against religions and types among their own population (which is not what Switzerland is doing, what’s represented in that poster). Switzerland is seeking to apply a criminal penalty upon those from other nations in Switzerland who are violating Swiss laws.

What Switzerland’s People’s Party is attempting reflects the same intent and goals that many of us U.S. citizens seek as to actions by our own government. It has nothing to do with deporting or identifying people other than by the laws they violate. It’s not a “color” scheme, in other words, except to the critics who again raise their “color intentions” and motives — and I do so wish they could self-examine with some reasonableness but they never seem able to do so.

And so, their unjust criticism ensues, the pejoratives are applied, the critics have lost reason.

I say, good for Switzerland, whatever color it’s sheep may be and are, though most sheep are, in fact, white, certainly the ones in Switzerland — and that’s a fact of reality, just as is the fact that there isn’t any more real estate being made (except south of the Big Island in Hawaii and that isn’t going to be habitable by mammals for another several hundred thousand years). Habitats have to be protected, or, the habitants perish.

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