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From a newsletter I receive, there is this worthy article — you won’t read about it generally elsewhere because there’s little to nothing in the media about the Pro-Troops Rally held this past weekend in D.C..

The article (written by Pamela Meister, who was a participant among the “Pro-Troops” rallyists) reveals an ongoing bias by our media — who provides coverage to the “anti-troops” protestors and not to the patriotic rally itself. The media showed up moreorless with the anti-troops protestors, but the Pro-Troops Rally itself was earlier ignored.

ProTroopsRally-DC-Sept15-2007.jpg Over the weekend, hundreds of patriots attended a rally in our nation’s capitol to show their support for our military. Did you hear about it? If you get your news from traditional media, it’s not likely. FSM Contributing Editor Pam Meister was there and has the full report on a very uplifting day.”

Exclusive: Pro-Troop Rally Draws Patriots from Around the Nation

…The rally wrapped up at noon with a musical tribute to our fallen troops. Onstage, Gold Star family members held hands with rally sponsors. No one spoke during this time, and there were few dry eyes by the time the music ended. We were all then encouraged to make our way to Pennsylvania Avenue to line the route for the anti-war march on the Capitol Building, which was to kick off at 1:30.

Well, we waited an hour and a half before we caught our first glimpse of the war protest crowd. Shortly before they arrived, we were treated to a display by about ten members of Code Pink, including the group’s founder, Medea Benjamin. They paraded about in front of us several times, and at one point a pro-troop supporter confronted them. The police got involved, but I’m not sure if anyone was actually arrested.

Enter the media. There were a few cameras at the Move America Forward/Gathering of Eagles rally early in the morning, but none stayed for the duration (with the exception of blogger/columnist Michelle Malkin and her associate Bryan Preston). Do yourself a favor: don’t take media claims that they are impartial and unbiased at face value. While pro-troop supporters lined both sides of approximately four avenue blocks, few reporters took advantage of the opportunity to get their point of view. They were too busy jockeying for position for the onslaught of the International ANSWER crowd. And once the march was upon us, there was even a truck full of reporters and cameramen moving slowly along with it. (My friend Aaron was so incensed he began shouting, “Biased media!” He was definitely heard, but no reporter deigned to approach him.)…

Then there was the profanity that flowed easily from those who claim “peace” is the answer. There were angrily spouted R-rated epithets and middle fingers aplenty – from senior citizens who should know better, right on down the line to college students who most likely believed they were being cool by sticking it to “the man.” One girl, who looked like she was about 15, walked past us shortly before the march began, shouting an obscenity while mimicking another obscenity with her hands. Where was her mother? Oh, she was right there with little Susie, egging her on. What a, er, precious mother-daughter moment.

Where I was standing there were no violent outbursts, thanks to the outstanding job done by Capitol police. One war protestor did rush the barricade a few feet away from me, but the person she was rushing moved out of the way, and she backed off without further incident.

(Was there profanity from the side of the troop supporters? It’s possible, although I didn’t hear any myself.)

The usual suspects were in full force: people with scarves over their faces to avoid being recognized, 9/11 Truthers, IWW representatives, Palestinian sympathizers donning kaffiyehs, and plenty of warmed-over hippies reliving their glory days. Obscene signs about our president and vice-president were proudly hoisted, and the obligatory man wearing a George Bush mask and a devil’s suit paraded about near the end of the line…

Read the whole article here.

I guess the media is too concerned with “covering” the ongoing demise of O.J. Simpson’s psychosis, Britney Spears’ erratic excesses and various other blond girls they’re sure have to be drunk, Hillary’s Marxist plans for a U.S.S.A and airport bathroom stall homosexual solicitation codes to take heed of patriotic Americans supporting the troops.

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  1. Jenn says:

    This is exactly why I have asked Pam to be a guest on my show. She’ll call in Thursday hopefully, and give us all an account. I had her call in after the last Eagle gathering and it was most enlightening.

    It’s so disturbing that the only coverage is of the psychotic American hating Moonbats, and not the patriots, REAL gold star families and Americans who have at least some class.

    I was both embarrassed and shocked to receive e-mails from my husbands family in England asking me why these people were acting so ridiculously.

    As the wife of a LEGAL immigrant to this country, and having just returned from England a couple of weeks ago, I see the damage folks such as “ANSWER” are doing to America as a whole. It sickens me.

    Great Blog by the way.

  2. -S- says:

    Thanks for your comments and the compliment. Apologies for the comments section box being truncated as it is now…pending correction soon.