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320wde_Pelosi_TedKennedy Nancy Pelosi declares that she’s “praying for President Bush.”

This is after she and her corrupt peer in Congress, Harry Reid, in the name of the children, used a lot of public resources — their salaries, for starters, the utilities, time, staffs, all those lunches, various perks, the indulgence of voters nationwide — to play political footsie with “legislation” (“SCHIP” and “DREAM Act“, specifically) that tests nearly everyone’s patience, and which, both, had/have no hope of becoming law when the voters are taken into account and both Pelosi and Reid, among others, know this. If they don’t know this, they are not qualified to be in Congress.

Yet, they move on in ever wasteful, elaborate Liberal games using the public dollar to do so, posing as leaders while doing little to rally inspiration, essentially because they lack intention to solve problems while being quite intent upon possessing ownership of what the rest of us consider our nation.

From Robert Novak’s column, “Socialized Medicine’s Front Door,” there’s this about one of the two legislative insults perpetuated by Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Schumer…the whole gang of Democrats blighting our nation:

The Alice-in-Wonderland quality of legislating in Congress was typified this week. The Democratic Congress quickly passed a national health insurance bill, drafted in secret and protected from amendment, that constitutes the most important legislation of this session. While designed for a presidential veto, it is national health insurance — through the front, not the back, door. Democrats view it as no-lose: either landmark health care will be enacted over President George W. Bush’s veto, or, if overridden, they’ll have a lovely 2008 campaign issue…

SCHIP was conceived in 1997 by the Republican-controlled Congress, still uneasy about defeating Hillary Clinton’s health care plan four years earlier and intending to provide supplementary health insurance for poor children. When Democrats took control of Congress this year, they sought to transform a relatively modest program into a government takeover of health care. Separate bills were passed in the House and Senate months ago along party lines, but Republican senators blocked a Senate-House conference to iron out the differences.

Following the summer break, key Democrats started meeting behind closed doors — Republicans excluded — the weekend of Sept. 14-15, seeking a way for the House to pass the Senate bill and send it to the president. The finished product was not put in Republican hands until 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 24, with the vote scheduled for 24 hours later and no chance to vote for a substitute, much less amend the bill. It extends SCHIP to families up to 400 percent of poverty ($82,000 a year) in New York, 350 percent in New Jersey and 300 percent elsewhere. States also can extend the aid to childless adults. Indeed, “children” includes anyone less than 21 years of age…

And, in summation, Novak writes this in his recent newsletter about SCHIP:

This week’s charade on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) typifies the partisan game in Congress. Passage on party lines of a Democratic bill radically expanding a program for poor children into a general health insurance bill was intended to force a presidential veto that could not be overridden in the House. It is intended primarily as a political marker for the ’08 campaign (emphasis added).

One key characteristic as to the entire “for the children” and “health care” mantras currently being used by Democrats and perhaps Hillary Clinton’s key talking point when she can be specific about naming anything, is that a huge percentage of those “children” in the “approximately nine million” (some politiicans say “ten million”) referred to are the children of illegal aliens in the United States and most of them also illegal aliens themselves (children from other nations brought illegally into the U.S. by their parents when the parents entered illegally).

Hillary Clinton (nor Pelosi, nor Reid, nor Kennedy nor the whole spate of Democrats) avoid this specific point and avoid it like they do the words “God” and “Jesus Christ” in public any use except the profane.

Illegal immigrants are about to get an unexpected boost thanks to the Democratic Congress,” Boehner (R-Ohio) warns. “The Democrats’ bill to reauthorize the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) not only provides health benefits to adults and upper-income kids, but it is crafted in a way to allow S-CHIP and Medicaid benefits for illegal immigrants who have broken our laws.”

The bill, Boehner maintains, “opens the door for S-CHIP and Medicaid benefits for illegal immigrants by substantially weakening a requirement that persons applying for such services show proof of citizenship or nationality.”

225wde_LIAR-NancyPelosi_wframe The second corrupt plan these Democrats are attempting to secure into law is the DREAM Act. I’ve written about this before — when it was first attempted upon the nation a short while ago by Democrats and when it was due to be again attempted as it was just this past week — and although that Act has been denounced on both attempts by voters nationwide, the Democrats say yet again they’re going to “resurrect” the DREAM Act.

Despite the overwhelming outcry from voters and taxpayers in opposition of both these bills (SCHIP’s new permutation expanded to become a national welfare program that intends to enroll many millions of illegal aliens, and, the DREAM Act that is largely the same as to being a very expensive, unjust and imbalanced welfare program for illegal aliens — both of which disparage U.S. citizens financially and resource-wise), Harry Reid declares he’s going to bring the DREAM nightmare back.

And Nancy Pelosi declares she’s “praying for President Bush.” I wonder if she prays for Mary Jo Kopechne, the souls of aborted children whose deaths she and her kind have made possible (and continue to do so), the fate of the nation as it is guided by her and her Party — with the Clinton’s in their ears — into a New Socialist United States.

As terrible as that is, the added insult and immense concern is that there are Republicans in Congress involved in both these legislation miscarriages — who shall be deemed unelectable, I venture to guess, when and as they ever again ask for Conservatives’ support at the polls, perhaps the only times they take into consideration what the voters actually want.

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