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Alleging that the fight against terrorism and our national security interests hinge upon “protecting gays against violent crimes” here at home, Senator Ted Kennedy again rears his ugly head and attaches this misbegotten “hate crimes legislation” pad-on to the Defense (and Iraq War) funding legislation, currently in the Senate.

I agree completely with President Bush as to his take on the whole concept of this (additional) “hate crimes legislation” and that is that we already have ample legislation readily available to penalize violent crimes and those who engage in them. No added legislation is needed to contend with violent crimes and to penalize those who commit them.

Instead, we see yet again the surreptitious — if not cowardly and cad-like — method deployed by Ted Kennedy to again try to attach unnecessary (and poorly-defined as to motive and intent) “legislation” onto funding bills for programs necessary to keep our military and national defense going. Obviously, it’s guerilla behavior by Kennedy and other Democrats equally involved, to attempt to use necessary funding measures to secure marginal if not damaging add-ons when and as they can, a form of “legislative robbery” by hostage-taking.


While I note that this behavior of attaching pet and often controversial or objectionable legislative bits onto larger funding legislation is not one done only by Democrats, it’s often used by Democrats such as Kennedy where defense and security funding legislation is concerned to attempt to launch various ever-spreading Socialist if not Communist-ideology in the form of abuses of our Constitution sanctioned by Congress, as deplorable in concept as that is (yet it continues).

“Hate crimes” legislation is redundant legislation. Worse, it has been deployed in various other mostly democratic nations that have enacted similar legislation to what Kennedy, et al are attempting, to not only silence but to punish — and punish severely by way of criminal penalties and “forced psychological” experiences for the accused — Christians and Christian morality, or even the general expression of Christianity in near-aimless terms. The target of this legislative concept is to make it “a crime” — to criminalize — the free expression of Christianity, and in regards to homosexuality, specifically.

Yet people who promote and demand “hate crimes” legislation instead present themselves and their goals in glowing social terms, as if they seek to protect the innocent with some mighty fist of penalties brought down upon the heads of those who grotesquely wander our society in search of vulnerable victims to harm.

The truth behind “hate crimes” legislation is that it seeks to add added legislation to already competent, functioning legislation available to penalize violent crimes, but with the added dimension of penalizing — and, thus, an attempt at silencing — the free expression of Christianity and Christian morality (which speaks directly in opposition to homosexual behaviors and those involved in them).

Christ and Christianity are stumbling blocks to homosexuals and homosexuality and the goal of “hate crimes” legislation is to criminally penalize Christians in their expressions of their religious freedom.

So, no wonder Ted Kennedy is keen on the legislation.

My chief complaint as a voter is that Republicans are not speaking out in opposition to this legislative attempt by Kennedy, as if they’re afraid to rock their boat. What remiss Republicans in the Senate fail to understand is that their boat is sinking because they are not rocking it.

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