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The Democrats continue to attempt to advance their favored ethnic-supremacy organizations and goals, and Congress is their vehicle to do that.

The mind and soul of Senator Edward Kennedy, specifically, appears to be literally corrupted: as soon as the dreaded “comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill” was defeated in the past months, he responded with ongoing lines of attack against the country by other methods, but the goals remain the same: amnesty for illegal aliens, suppression if not eradication of borders, immigration enforcement-without-enforcement, U.S. taxdollars funding all sorts of goods and services to Hispanics/Latinos, by way of race/ethnicity supremacy.

Ethnic-supremacy is a social phenomenon that sets apart one ethnicity as due or meriting goods, services, considerations and various other social privileges that human beings of ethnicities other than the one held supreme are denied. It’s a method or cultural movement that declares one particular ethnicity as privileged over others based upon one qualification and one qualification only: the ethnicity’s DNA.

Not by character, not by individual merit, not by individual achievement, but merely by shared ethnicity does one “qualify” for membership, for privileges that anyone not of that ethnicity are denied or are otherwise underserved or marginalized.

That word there, “marginalized,” says it best: by ethnicity are those engaged in ethnic-supremacy selecting for and against, and the selection process rejects or suppresses (or “marginalizes” — sets aside, leaves pending, underserviced or outright denied) everyone else who is not of that selected ethnicity.

Thus, we see in our nation today the group, “LaRaza,” which is an obviously Spanish expression that translates in our English language to “the Race.” The group’s entire purpose is to separate out and “advance” (give preference to, and by that, deny from others) their ethnicity, which is “Hispanic/Latino.”

That group has other nefarious goals — among which is replacing or supplanting (conquering, taking from, eradicating) other ethnicities in their process of “advancing” Hispanics/Latinos: where once others exist and thrive, they are to be replaced with the Hispanic/Latino ethnicity by way of privileged positioning and privileged funding/services/goods provided to Hispanics/Latinos to enable and encourage Hispanic/Latino people. “The Race” it is, and it’s a Hispanic ethnic-supremacy group and movement.

Worse, La Raza is actively at the ear of our state and federal government and in the purses of our nation’s coffers. They demand from Congress — and they receive — both a voice in forming legislation (that aims to lend increased favoritism and goods and services to their “race”) and a hand in our nation’s federal funding that then devotes a great deal of taxpayer dollars (from the entire range of our nation’s ethnicities and races, whoever pays taxes is dinged by Hispanic ethnic-supremacists) to the Hispanic “race” via “La Raza.”

Enter the Presidential campaigns, Ted Kennedy’s fomenting in the Senate and, obviously, behind the scenes in Democratic politics (perhaps his methods should be referred to as guerilla politics) and we have various Democrats in Congress — with the helps of a few disparageable Republicans — continuing to seek the very same goals that were earlier defeated: amnesty for illegal aliens, most of whom by a vast majority are Hispanic/Latino.

One wonders if Hispanic ethnic-supremacists would be quite so intent on amnesty and open borders and all the other gouging of our public dollars for their favoritism expenditures (on Hispanics/Latinos) if the vast majority of illegal aliens today in our nation were from Switerzland, Zimbabwe, Australia or Japan, but the fact is, the Hispanic ethnic-supremacy movement is responsible for driving the huge numbers of people from mostly Latino countries and cultures to the United States illegally.

It’s an aspect of Hispanic ethnic-supremacy to both seek to ignore our nation’s laws but to also “conquer” or eradicate our laws: they don’t “have to” obey our laws because our laws don’t apply to them, and when our laws are enforced and they’re affected, then they respond by alleging their ethnicity is being denied. It’s a convenient but faulty arguement, along the lines of a bankrobber (of whatever ethnicity) complaining that his skin color/heritage is being denied or harassed because he’s arrested for robbing a bank. The excuse of “racism” by illegal aliens when confronted with their illegal acts just does not fly, and the fact is, they are predominantly Hispanic/Latino and the Hispanic/Latino cultures from whence they originate are enticed by the Hispanic ethnic-supremacy movement in the U.S. to engage in illegal immigration, among the vast array of other criminal acts they engage in after arriving in our nation illegally.

Enter Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton (very much involved and associated with La Raza and individuals from that organization now involved in her campaign, as also Dodd’s, if not all the Democrat Presidential candidates) and, apparently, the entire DNC and what we see today is a political party that represents Hispanic ethnic-supremacy (for starters).

Chris Dodd: millions for “Raza Development Fund”

— Senator Chris Dodd (D/CT), Democrat candidate for the Presidency, seeks to provide millions of dollars to this Hispanic ethnic-supremacy dole fund for Hispanics/Latinos (housing subsidies and construction of housing itself for Hispanics/Latinos only — you qualify by Hispanic ethnicity, you disqualify if by any other ethnicity but it’s publicly funded); this effort not only seeks to provide a vast amount of public dollars to Hispanics on an ethnic-supremacy basis, but it seeks to replace existing communities with Hispanics based upon their ethnic-supremacy selection (and funding) process.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D/CA) is still at it, too (with Senator Larry Craig’s woeful commiseration):

“…AgJOBS, DREAM Act, amnesties as amendments”

The same individuals who pushed the “comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill” earlier this year (and earlier last year under another legislative banner) continue to push the same goals under different, illustrious names: the “DREAM Act,” for starters — it’s a hideous push for amnesty, there’s nothing dreamy about it except for Hispanic/Latino ethnic-supremacists, Democrats who pander to them and various other interests who seek to eradicate our laws in preference for “alternative” or “progressive” socialist politics (Latino cultures are notoriously Communist and/or Socialist and by that, fit right in with the Leftwing in the U.S. among Democrats and other incursion interests worldwide).

Our immigration policies are vastly generous as they already are. The argument I hear and read from Hispanic ethnic-supremacists is that “poor people can’t get visas” (in reference to their “people” from other-nations of the Hispanic kind), so, they seem to suggest, these of their “kind” have to emigrate illegally (and, therefore, it’s the U.S. who “makes them” do wrong — another ruse to blame the United States for the wrong actions of various, ethnic and political interests worldwide).

This argument by Hispanic ethnic-supremacists and various other nefarious socio-political intents assumes that everyone worldwide (if and as they’re Hispanic) has a “right” to be in the U.S. by whatever means, or, more specifically, that if and as a Hispanic is “poor” as a citizen in a Hispanic nation/culure, they’re due some citizenship from the U.S. because they’re either/or poor and Hispanic.

Nonsense. But the worst nonsense is from the politicians in the U.S. who are assisting (and seem eager to assist) this Hispanic ethnic-supremacy imposition upon the rest of the nation. Why? Because they’re promised special assistance in return: they help the interests, the interests help them and the rest of the nation is cast aside and asunder.

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