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220wde_BoycottMillerBrewing.jpg Miller Beer seeps into the bog yet again.

Some may recall previous offenses by the Miller Brewing Company — creator and marketer of Miller Beer — as to their involvements with illegal aliens from as long ago as a few years ago as to publicity about this issue. Now Miller Brewing Company has reared it’s weepy head yet again as the sponsor of “The Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco.

Miller Brewing has previously sponsored that same “Fair” to many consumers’ shock and offense and more — the doing is a public display of many profane theatrics with special targeting of the Catholic Church by homosexuals in San Francisco for purposes of, well, profaning the Catholic Church and Christian morality in general, with particular disdain by the Folsomites focused upon the declaration in a Christian theology that “homosexuality is a sin.”

This year’s Folsomites, with Miller Brewing Company as sponsor, produced a really rotten, utterly defaming poster depicting homosexuals imposing themselves in leather-bound, partially-clothed-and-flamboyantly-costumed characterisations as bastardization of Leonardo Da Vinci’s reverant work of beauty, the “LAST SUPPER” — and even more offensively, the meal and table fare in the bastardized Folsomite renditiion are sex-toys, gizmos of pain and amusement for masochists and sadists and various tools of their trade otherwise, where — in the original Da Vinci depiction of this holy meeting of Christ with his disciples — was the last meal Christ shared in gesture to exemplify his human existence as the Lamb of God. The Folsomites and their grotesque knock-off could not be any more blasphemous than this.

And although it is not Da Vinci’s masterpiece that is of issue here, it is the actual holy event depicted by Da Vinci that is then denigrated quite so crudely by the Folsomites that is profane.

FOX News Reporter from the Vatican, Father Jonathan Morris, describes the Folsomites’ display and irreverant performances at their annual Fair as “blasphemy” and I agree with him that it is – this year’s poster (or, “ad”), the Fair itself, in which Folsomites parody Catholic nuns (but of course they are not Catholic nuns, they are not Christians, are male homosexuals posing as nuns feigning a religious ceremony as a recurring aspect of the Folsomites’ annual Fair):

Father Jonathan Morris, a Roman Catholic priest based in Rome, said the group is not nuns and wants to promote gay rights.

“What they are doing is trying to make a mockery of religion,” Morris, a FOX News analyst, said.

Morris called the ad “blasphemy.”

Michelle Malkin writes an informative thread with more details and links as to the controversy upon which the justly indignant protests from and by Christians have resulted regarding both the Folsomites’ entirely and the Miller Brewing Company specifically — and although Miller Brewing offered a hapless apology, which few to no one finds to be believable, Miller Brewing remains the sponsor of the Folsomites’ Fair (so the point of “apologizing” appears to be a thing of bad marketing with little sincerity as to the degree of the offenses involved). The response by Miller Brewing is a replication of the profanity by the Folsomites, it’s gesture for theatrical purposes, it’s affected and artificial, it’s deceitful, a lie.

Which is the very definition of sin.

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