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The Democrats in “You Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” Part 3

My thanks and congratulations to these House Republicans (Part 3, above) who have confronted the lying, cheating, thieving Democrats in this latest round of lying, cheating and stealing by Democrats waged upon United States citizens and legal residents.

The Democrats, indeed, “cannot be trusted as to illegal immigration.”

However, these events from the past few days alone evidence that the Democrats, indeed, cannot be trusted. About illegal immigration or, apparently, honesty in voting, to name but a few areas of concern to the rest of us.

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And, from “House Forms Special Panel Over Alleged Stolen Vote,” this somewhat limited recap:

…It started late Thursday, when GOP lawmakers moved to send the 2008 agriculture spending bill back to the House Appropriations Committee for members to add an explicit prohibition on illegal immigrants receiving food stamps. With so much on their plate, Democratic leaders were in no mood to comply.

Democrats appeared to have won the vote, but with the voting time apparently having expired, GOP leaders persuaded three Latino Republicans who had voted with the Democrats to change their votes. At the same time, Democrats say, five Democratic lawmakers who had voted with Republicans were scrambling to change their votes as well. With two of the GOP votes changed, Democrats gaveled the vote shut, 214 to 214, and declared that they had won. But the public tally showed that the Republicans had won, 215 to 213, just as the vote was declared for the Democrats. The official final tally was 216 to 212 in the Democrats’ favor.

But House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said there were no Democrats seeking to change their votes at the time. Moreover, he charged, Hoyer had told a protesting parliamentarian, “We control, not the parliamentarians.” And, he said, electronic records on the vote disappeared from the House’s voting system and on the House clerk’s Web site…

That’s a limited recap because the contestable issues are greater than “just” “food stamps” for “illegal immigrants.” What the Democrats allege to have approved in the House is that billions of taxpayer dollars be taken away from Medicare funding and redirected to pay for housing assistance, healthcare and food for illegal aliens in our nation.

These are resources that are being paid for by U.S. taxpayers that they are being denied, while instead, illegal aliens — according to Democrats — will now receive.

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