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I like Japan, I like the work of Nicolas Cage, and, this commercial spot is pretty funny in an existentialist sort of way, but about the specific product that Cage is leaping to bop the metallic head over or with, I am guessing it must be the industry of pachinko — and not the other industry-Sankyo-related areas of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, fine tool mechanisms and artificial intelligence, flutes, dry diamond tools, wet grinding and polishing products or in Aikido as to how to contend with a knife-wielding attacker.

Dot-Aqua-SML.gif Even more confusing is the translated webpage for the Sankyo (pachinko industry site) (I don’t read Japanese so I relied on Google’s mysteriously confusing translation feature to arrive at the following equally mysteriously confusing translation into English):

The pleasure which lives, the happiness [bi] which lives.
SANKYO so far offered the pleasure and the happiness [bi] to the people via the pachinko.
Individual enjoys life. Is not the first step where that builds rich society, probably will be?
In person, in town, smiling face.

Dot-Aqua-SML.gif Ah, so, that explains the shiny, ball-headed, dancing, machine-cut animaniacs on that desert highway to ‘Merica. But my first impression after viewing the video — before the Google events (linked above) — was the spot was about “pharmaceuticals.”

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