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Here’s the “fastest” speed test result I’ve had this month. Note that the download speed still hovers somewhere around non-existent, while the upload speed remains far below industrystandards for cable modem internet access. In fact, I am not able to even use the internet for much of anything except as a timer to roast a turkey. Writing these entries (today, yesterday, weeks earlier) takes on the massive challenges, since to even get a function to respond after waitng a long time for a page to display is an exercise in being ripped off by a cable conglommerate.


view FULLSCREEN popup image file of screen capture without my added notes).

How a local franchise authority can allow an organization such as this a service monopoly with which to then not provide the services they are advertising and then charging for, is beyond me, but this is just not right.

Especially when Cox remains silent as to complaints from customers such as myself, or when it does respond (“Customer Service” representatives), there is no one available to address or even understand their performance failures such as this, or, worse, they’ll attempt to deny that the problem even exists, or that the customer’s “equipment” or infrastructure is shaky — consequently, they then charge more for service visits that are often unnecessary and they charge more for “insurance” that customers usually do not need when living in most contemporary buildings in the U.S..

Cox is selling “business class” cable services at the expense of diservicing residential accounts (I can only speak to the areas in which I am at present but I’ve read many complaints from other Cox residential customers nationwide who conclude as I do after experiencing these same dreadful performance issues in their cable internet access from Cox) .

On a community level, additionally, what bothers me is that they can behave as this and aren’t being required to both knock it off and refund alll that money to trusting residential customers who have paid for cable access and are instead provided with service that is less functional than dial-up service.

To consider a compounding nefariousness, thwarting residential internet access is an effective means by which political interests can discourage (if not discredit) competitors. my current local government and Cox Communications are Democratic Party affiliates or otherwise associated.

MUCH LATER UPDATE (months later):

My access speed improved demonstratively after a number of changes to my service that occured at my ongoing insistence (but not before). So, Cox recreated my “highspeed” internet access but a great deal of effort on my individual part was necessary in order to bring this about:

(1.) Cox says they “split the node” in my service areas (more users in one area creates too much demand on one “node” and decreases performance for all customers; dividing up existing customers in high-use areas redistributes use-demand for those customers; err, somethin’ like that); and,

(2.) multiple, ongoing exchanges of my cable modem (as also cable tv/receiver box) eventually provided me with consistent and acceptable service (but this required a great deal of patience and trial-and-error equipment exchanges on my part, took about a year to eventually find a cable-tv-receiver that enabled acceptable service, while one cable modem exchange resolved a noticable amount of the internet access issue).

So I’ve returned to good reception as provided by Cox but it’s required immense patience and effort on my part to wade around the various difficulties I’ve described in these ongoing posts about the problem (a lot of phone calls, many visits to a Customer Service outlet, lot of time by technicians [house call came up with “nothing wrong” result while the service continued to lag]). The service — a full year later — does NOT “suck” but the experience I had in arriving at that has been arduous: lesson again emphasized is that each of us has to solve our own problems and you don’t always get what you pay for and when you don’t, you have to persist in complaining about conditions while exploring solutions.


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