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From Wizbang, this pitiful story (Wizbang isn’t pitiful, the story reported is):


So, where’s Al Sharpton, where’s Jesse Jackson, where’s the outrage? Silence from the Left about this sad voting irregularity — I’m being kind — as to Black Democrats denying the voting rights of “white” voters in Mississippi.

From minimal news reports about this deplorable issue — if not discussion entirely — these sources:

here’s one,
here’s another,
— and discussion here
— as also at Wizbang.

From The San Diego Union:

U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee ruled late Friday that Noxubee County Democratic Party leader Ike Brown and the county Democratic Executive Committee “manipulated the political process in ways intended and designed to impair and impede participation of white voters and to dilute their votes.”

The Justice Department accused Brown of trying to limit whites’ participation in local elections in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, written to protect racial minorities when Southern states strictly enforced segregation.

From the Clarion Ledger:

The U.S. Justice Department in February 2005 filed a civil lawsuit alleging the Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee and its chairman, Ike Brown, discriminated against white voters, white candidates and those who supported them in the majority black county on the Mississippi-Alabama line…

…(U.S. District Judge Tom Lee) said Brown violated federal voting laws by discriminating on the basis of race by issuing directions to count the absentee ballots of white voters differently than the absentee ballots of black voters.

Lee also found:

— The defendants acted with a racially discriminatory intent.

— The defendants engineered “a concerted effort to illegally ‘assist’ black voters.”

— The defendants recruited ineligible black candidates to run against white candidates.

Lee said the court is hesitant to find that Brown or any member of the Democratic Executive Committee has a specific racial animus against white people.

“Brown, in fact, claims a number of whites as friends,” Lee wrote. “However, there is no doubt from the evidence presented at trial that Brown, in particular, is firmly of the view that blacks, being the majority race in Noxubee County, should hold all elected offices, to the exclusion of whites; and this view is apparently shared by his allies and associates on the NDEC, who, along with Brown, effectively control the election process in Noxubee County.”

From a regional news site:

The judge said there was a pattern to Brown’s efforts to keep all whites out of the county’s Democratic Party, including holding party caucuses in private homes rather than public voting precincts and inviting only blacks to the meetings.

But, otherwise, silence from the Democrats, especially from self-defining “civil rights spokespersons.” Not a protest, not a peep, not a blurp or parade, nor no screaming on the airways as to threats to bring the country down.

In California, this type of denial of civil rights happens very, very frequently. It’s just not taken up by the Courts, because inevitably, the offenders are Hispanics or otherwise Democrats and the “White” voters are dismissed as “racist.”

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