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Dot-Red.gif President Bush commuted “Scooter” Libby’s criminal sentence — Bush did not grant a presidential pardon to Libby, he commuted his sentence (“Grant of Executive Clemency”). Bush did not pardon or set aside Libby’s jury verdict nor dismiss the sentencing in full (which would be a presidential pardon):

“I respect the jury’s verdict,” Bush said in a written statement. “But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby’s sentence that required him to spend 30 months in prison.”

Bush commuted part of the sentencing, specifically, the jail sentencing. Libby’s verdict remains in place as does the greater part of his sentence in relationship to that verdice — a substantial fine, he’s can’t vote, can’t practice law and a number of other negative consequences.

A presidential pardon, on the other hand, excuses (sets aside, dismisses) a jury verdict, rendering a convicted individual free and clear of the conviction along with, of course, any and all sentencing applied to that individual by the Court. In Libby’s case, many of us (I am one of them) think a pardon for Libby might be reasonable.

…Earlier Tuesday, chief Bush spokesman Tony Snow had declined to rule out the possibility of an eventual pardon and called the president satisfied with his decision to commute Libby’s 2 1/2-year prison sentence.

“He thought any jail time was excessive. He did not see fit to have Scooter Libby taken to jail,” Snow said.

The spokesman told reporters at a White House briefing that even with Bush’s decision, Libby remains with a felony conviction on his record, two years’ probation, a $250,000 fine and probable loss of his legal career. “So this is hardly a slap on the wrist,” Snow said. “It is a very severe penalty…”

Dot-Blue-SML.gif The Democrats, however, persist in blunt-needle fashion in refusing to accept the facts that the circumstances upon which Libby was charged omitted the base-level crime involved and that was Joe Wilson’s compromise of his wife’s employment circumstances at the outset, and as that was the primary shaping issue upon which Wilson and other Democrats continue to splurge. Libby’s later reference to that knowledge appears to have been blundering, at best — hardly the original intelligence compromise — and it’s questionable in many of our minds whether there was ever any intent by Libby to mislead; it appears mostly to have been a frenetic error of speech if he even “leaked” any classified information at all (also reasonably questionable that he did).

As to the Executive privilege of presidential pardon, however, Bill Clinton used the presidential pardon excessively while he was in office, with a noticable proclivity by Clinton for granting Pardons to persons that financially supported the Clinton presidency who had been convicted of financial crimes, including those convicted of arms smuggling and banking fraud.

Dot-Blue-SML.gif And yet to hear the screed from Democrats that began yesterday about the Libby commuted sentence by President Bush, if believed as to the Democrats’ emotional outbursts and academic variations, All Reason Is Lost!.

Bill Clinton, while President of the United States, granted presidential pardons like peanuts (see “Pardons Granted by President Clinton” and try to count the grains of sulphur amidst the extensive list).

The most notorious pardon by Clinton was as to Marc Rich, granted by Clinton — so he said — as he was “walking out the door” of the White House in his last days remaining there, and until he wrote this elaborate workaround published by The New York Times, Clinton persisted in claiming he didn’t even “know what (he) was signing” when he pardoned Rich.

Dot-Red.gif In Libby’s case, because Talk Radio host Rush Limbaugh has been critical of Libby’s circumstance — which I agree with, both the criticism and about what — the Democrats apply a level of force upon Bush, Libby, the Executive Clemency Libby has received and indirectly upon Talk Radio itself (Talk Radio’s got an opinion, which, if one takes the Democrats’ screed seriously as to the Libby Clemency and why it occured, then that means — in a Democrat strategy methodology — that Talk Radio is responsible for the Loss of All Reason!).

To follow along with the Democrats’ desperate screed, then, in these regards, one has to first accept that Democrats are blameless in crimes while Republicans are not.

Put that way, it becomes so simple to accept, then, that Bill Clinton’s hundreds of presidential pardons were “good” while President Bush’s one presidential clemency granted is “bad,” especially if Rush Limbaugh has an opinion supporting the latter.

Dot-Blue-SML.gif Democrats — Hillary, Bill, Obama, various other Democrats — demand amnesty for illegal aliens in our nation, including members of gangs, convicted felons (and/or), whatever. Not only amnesty but rewards for the violations of many of our nation’s laws.

To a Democrat, then, the concept of justice seems to be no justice as long as it services the Party. Good Marxists, “good” criminals, all — a criminal gang, if you will. No wonder they revile Talk Radio, it’s not a realm they can suffer their “good” crime upon. And so Democrats’ word bullets fly. For now.


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