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Dot-Red-SML.gif Today is Flag Day and I’d like to direct interested readers to an excellent thread appearing today on Michelle Malkin’s site about the day.

Remember today what the flag represents and all of those United States citizens who have served, suffered and died to establish and preserve it. Long may she wave, long may we honor our country: the good, the brave and the heroic.

Dot-Red-SML.gif Tomorrow we start again the process of saving our federal governmental process. I doubt that few from our nation’s past would find what is present today in D.C. to be of passing grade. I think that most among the leaders from our nation’s past would urge everyone to lend a hand and clean the place up, and they’d be there clearing the path to do so. No doubt about it, the nation needs George Washington, II.

Dot-Red-SML.gif Read the First Inaugural Address of our first United States President George Washington, the Second Inaugural Address of President George Washington and the Papers of George Washington for inspiration today on what it means to be a citizen of this nation and why citizenship has always been regarded as something of immense value by those in reverant service to democracy and to our United States Constitution, written by men of great character and immense imagination who were especially brave.


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