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Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Where is Tony Soprano when you really need him — not to mention Carmela and her nails and that lashing tongue.

There is bad taste and then there is really, really bad taste. The first oftentimes meets with it’s own reward — sometimes bad taste is good and it works because of the unpredictable nature of what is appealing and how often that changes in time — but when considering occurences of really, really bad taste, you just wonder how people can ever be so wrong about such big statements.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Of really, really bad taste issue here: Hillary Clinton attempting to simulate the Tony Soprano Crime Boss role and Bill Clinton replacing Carmela in Hillary Clinton’s pitiful and embarrassing knock-off video. This is another appearance of the Clinton’s continued knock-off public messaging in their own particular, really, really bad taste methods — in this case, their foolish renactment of the ending scene from THE SOPRANOS Finale (Episode 86, MADE IN AMERICA) — and it is both weird and creepy.

To repeat that, the Clinton knock-off video is both weird and creepy.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Perhaps the Clintons are yet again attempting to cash-in on their notorious (and reasonably believable) reputations as killers in public office (or otherwise, if their combined personal and professional histories can be believed and many people do), perhaps they are attempting to generate yet again a media trend and thus, to make it “theirs” by oogey possession, perhaps HIllary just wants yet more media mention of her name and hits to her site/s, but for whatever motivation, this video monstrosity of theirs is beyond pitiful, it is downright abusive.

Perhaps Bill Clinton’s dialogue in this abusive, disgusting thing they’ve made — when asked by Hillary-as-Crime Boss what he prefers as to a tune to play, Bill says he favors “Smashmouth” — is closer to a fitting end for the Clintons than either of them recognizes, but, this knock-off is certainly the Clintons engaged in yet another attempt to whack the Presidency.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif But worse is their knock-off of credible television and remarkable talent under ruse of being watchable.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Psychologically, someone prove to me that Hillary Clinton does not suffer from penis envy — her obvious complex in that regard certainly explans Bill Clinton’s anxieties and ongoing need to violently conquer if not destroy gender differences and why these two suffer in codependency, intent upon the destruction of democracy: George Washington and his ideals (and ideas, among what they represent) are just too threatening. No wonder Hillary Clinton is committed to reformatting the release into “the other.”


Former Bill Clinton White House Assistant Laura Schwartz, appearing this evening on FOX News, THE O’REILLY FACTOR, says she “thought it was very original” and that she considers this latest Clinton knock-off to be “successful” because “over a million people viewed it on YouTube.”

No. The ORIGINAL scene in the ORIGINAL Series is “original.” This Clinton knock-off video is a reformatting bastardization of someone else’s work (more finely put, it’s been exploited and repurposed by those other than the original author), moreorless like reproduction or imitational reproduction “with edits.” Forgeries aren’t “original” and neither are reproductions.

And, “over a million people” visit all kinds of sites and videos on the internet — sites offering the most marginal and oftentimes the worst content garner high visit counts. If general descriptive terms as to some site’s marginal content were included here, THIS site’s traffic would increase respectively (and so already has what with a few words already used in this thread). Traffic does not inherently define quality of content, nor originality.

I like parody but in this case, the Clinton knock-off video isn’t parody, it’s invasive escapade. Something the Clintons are familiar with, given their history — and look, they haven’t changed, not that I anticipated either of them would, could or had in mind.

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