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I know the interests behind amnesty for illegal aliens are treacherous, are responsible for the wretched Senate Amnesty Disaster currently being (**) debated (*you.will.believe.that*) in the Senate (**), but I believe we are seeing but the tip of the threats that will ensue toward those who have not bowed down before this monster.

Dot-Red-SML.gif In California today — I’m guessing also nationwide — television spots have begun running that threaten starvation and hardship for everyone in vision and hearing range to these spots (three four times on FOX NEWS since 9:00 A.M. PST today — running approximately every seventy-five minutes) (and the spot is being increasingly modified throughout the day to both edit words and add more):

(Added in latest broadcast of this spot) Construction Guy says:

“If I’m going to build you a good, affordable home, I need workers.”

(Note: has anyone seen the costs of home construction reduced over the years exponentially in relationship with the increasing population of illegal aliens in the U.S.? Have these multiple-millons of “workers” contributed to lowered costs for “affordable” homes? No, not at all, not hardly.)

Women tending to housekeeping duties in a hotel room:

“If you’re going to depend on me for your clean hotel room when you check in, we need workers.”

(Note: has anyone seen the costs of lodging decrease exponentially over the years in relationship with the increasing population of illegal aliens in the U.S.? No, not at all.)

Guy tending to a restaurant table says:

“If you want your lunch cooked just the way you want it, we need workers.”

(Note: has anyone seen the costs of restaurant fare and service reduced over the years exponentially in relationship with the increasing population of illegal aliens in the U.S.? In fact, prices have skyrocketed in this and all these other areas in the recent years and along with the far higher prices for everything, we also are required to pay the skyrocketed costs for the ever expanding liabilties created by illegal aliens and those who employ them.)

Woman with grocery bags stares into the camera and says in challenge to the viewer:

“I guess if I want my bacon, chicken and eggs and all the rest that’s in these bags (modified in the spots over the course of the day) half the items in this bag, they (more modifications in the spots) farmers need workers, too.”

(Note: cost of food? It’s higher than it’s ever been and prices continue to advance; nothing is more affordable in exponential relationship over the years with the increasing population of illegal aliens in the U.S.; in fact, everything is far more expensive, resources are more stressed, disease rates are higher, quality is reduced, services are stressed if not exhausted…)

As to this television advertising today, after a few additional threats (Voice-Over has been steadily expanding the closing-line threat-level and conditions as the hours pass) (‘we / they’ll / need their / my workers’ or you’ll ‘starve / shiver in the cold outside / not find a restaurant that can serve you acceptable food / not find a hotel that’s clean with a made-bed / you’ll do without everything everywhere including food’)…a Voice-Over announces:

“…we need workers” (added later in the day), “border security” (added later in the day) “AND WORK PERMITS” (also added later), “BROUGHT TO YOU BY TEXAS EMPLOYERS FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM.”

Dot-Red-SML.gif That SHOULD SAY:

because that’s what they MEAN when they say, “workers.”

Dot-Red-SML.gif Has anyone analyzed the memes being used to advance amnesty for illegal aliens?

Allow me:

(01.) “I need my workers.”


“I need an ongoing supply of illegal aliens to continually replenish the illegal aliens I am already using when they move on to other jobs in the U.S. or begin asking for things I don’t want to provide — if I had to provide those other things, I’d be hiring U.S. citizens or legal residents and I don’t want to get involved in that tax-thing or insurance-thing or keep records or have to pay people on paper or screen well who I employ (too much time, too much money, forget it).

“If I don’t have my ‘workers,’ if the ‘workers’ don’t have these jobs, your life will be ruined, you will die homeless, starving and penniless on the street that remains unpaved and all your cars and homes will be in disrepair with unmade beds and dirty floors and your children — if you can even have children because I don’t think so, so here, have several of mine; in fact, I demand that you take them, pay for them, pay me for having them, give them everything at your expense while I keep an eye out that you do because if you don’t you’ll be penalized — the children will be running in the streets without anyone to care for them and the United States will fail.”

(02.) “New York City’s economy / the U.S. economy will fail without ‘undocumented workers’.”


“I need an ongoing supply of illegal aliens to continually replenish the illegal aliens I am already using when they move on to other jobs in the U.S. or begin asking for things I don’t want to provide — if I had to provide those other things, I’d be hiring U.S. citizens or legal residents and…(Repeat first paragraph, Translation 01 above.)

“AND, the U.S. taxpayers can make up the difference between what these people cost everyone else and what I profit from using these illegal aliens while my prices will continue to rise — the U.S. taxpayers are supposed to subsidize my ‘freedom’ to ‘do business’ but I owe fellow citizens nothing.

“AND, New York, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas get to set the immigration process and policy for the rest of the nation because we’re New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Miami / Las Vegas, after all, and what everyone else thinks doesn’t matter because we’re New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Miami / Las Vegas and doing things illegally is what we want; everyone else is in service to our needs – don’t ask why, we don’t have time to talk to you, just give it to us.”

(03.) “A Border Wall insults Hispanics.”


“If your skin is Brown, if your hair and eyes are black, if you are shorter than those tall “White” people and speak Spanish, then laws, borders, cultures, social requirements and standards in the United States of America don’t apply to you — anyone who asks you to comply with the U.S., if it’s something that “White” people do, they’re a racist xenophobe and should go back to Europe and you owe nothing to them for the use of their property, places, borders, programs, goods and facilities because it’s all being paid by someone else and if it isn’t, you threaten to sue them and someone will do that for you, too — you’re Brown and they aren’t so don’t get to ask you any questions about where you got what you took.

“Wait, if they go back to Europe, Brown people won’t have the White people to pay the bills and give them stuff so forget that part, the White people can stay as long as they recognize that The Race, the Browns, are their superiors and their rules don’t apply to The Race; but Brown people love this country even when they violate it – abuse is love, after all, The Race loves America so they abuse and violate it. But Brown people are ‘good people’ and ‘work hard’ illegally in the U.S. in frequent disdain of U.S. laws, which they love but they show that by violating them — as explained — so what’s the problem.”

“AND, if your skin is Brown, you can’t help yourself: you violate laws and you are not to blame because it’s what Brown people do, you aren’t penalized for your violations because they were written by “Whites” and they don’t apply to Brown people and Brown people can make anything up when needed because there aren’t any penalties so why not and besides, the penalties were written by the White people and they don’t apply to The Race; otherwise, threaten to sue and someone will do that for you, too, plus, you get as many White people arrested and sent to jail as possible and someone will do that for you, too.”

(04.) “We are The Race.”


“We exclude anyone who isn’t Brown and our organizations for The Race — even though we are not a distinct race nor even an ethnicity of any specific kind but we don’t understand that — our ethnic supremacy groups are O.K. and have to be included in the U.S. Congress and White House and in all the state governments in discussing U.S. legislation but there can be no other racially / ethnically organized groups because they aren’t Hispanic / Latino ones; everyone else are racist xenophobes but we’re The Race, the Brown people, so give us advantages that Brown people deserve (because they’re Brown) but if anyone else asks for anything, especially if they’re “White,” they’re xenophic, racist Nazis and if any Brown person thinks a White person objects to privileges based upon the skin color of ‘Brown,’ they’re a Nazi, too, and they hate Brown people.”

“Workers” in this meme methodology means “illegal aliens”;

And, “economy will fail” means legitimate economies are threatening to illigitimacy.

“Immigration” in this meme methodology means “Hispanic” IF you are Hispanic — and “Brown” people are “immigrants” and never “illegal aliens.”

“Border security” in this meme method means “discrimination against ‘Brown’ people, or especially against Mexicans.”


Dot-Red-SML.gif In other words, it’s a giant bunch of B.S. but the citizens of the United States are expected to choke on it.

We citizens of the United States of America (that includes a lot of “White” people and for quite a long time – in fact, “White” people created the nation and formed the founding principles through academics developed by mostly, if not expressly, “White” people for many centuries past), we’ve been weaving cloth and making clothing, preparing our meals, driving ourselves around (cars now, horses then), bearing and raising our children, sweeping our kitchens, front porches, yards, fields, making and laying our bricks, mining our minerals, forging our metals, raising our children, harvesting our food, feeding (and eating) our chickens, cattle, pigs, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts, making our beds, building our homes and businesses, bridges, roads, basements and roofs on our own for a long, long time and we will not flounder if there are no longer illegal aliens among us.


(Which also explains the ardent cunnery underway from Senators from Idaho, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Illinois — agribusiness, hospitality [so it’s called] [which explains New York City’s obsession with it’s must-have-illegal-aliens] and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce [not a friend to U.S. citizens except when they want the bills paid] — are driving this crime spree. I am repulsed that some Senators are participating.

Being threatened with disaster if illegal aliens and their enablers do not get what they want (amnesty, open borders, no accountablity, taxpayers accountable for the liabilities for personal schemes), is an indication that crime, in fact, persists, it just takes many forms from many places but it always tries to intimidate anyone who may “dare” to challenge the scams involved.

Amnesty, Senate Bill 1348, is a scam.






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