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This story from Michelle Malkin:


Dot-Gold-Fuzzy.gif First Dunkin’ Donuts served up their wonderful coffee to our U.S. military in Iraq, and now they’re proving themselves yet again to be the real American success story: taking the initiative in ensuring that their DD franchises nationwide verify U.S. citizenship and/or legal residency/work qualifications for those they employ.

I no longer consume donuts but if I ever have one again, I’ll make sure it’s from DD. And the DD coffee remains the best nationwide when you’re on the road or around the corner — it’s fueled many a roadtrip and office hour for me in times past and will again if ever I’m near another DD location (but I see that they sell their products online — a monthly coffee subscription looks inviting).

Dot-Gold-Fuzzy.gif What a company. And how much brighter they shine than those companies and individuals nationwide who employ illegal aliens; consumers have yet to respond in kind but when we do, I think the message is going to be loud and clear and that is that the vast majority of U.S. consumers — who also vote — do not take lightly nor well to people in the U.S. who are employing illegal aliens and have created this current national crises we face today. Unfortunately, “a contingent from Florida leads the way” in lobbying for amnesty, as does agribusiness from California, Idaho and several other states. No wonder secrecy has been relied upon to attempt amnesty because now that it’s become public what’s taken place and who is involved, most of America is justifiably intolerant of what they’re attempting. And there will be consumer backlash accordingly.

And then there’s DD, who does what they do — the right thing — because they’re legitimate and seek to do things the right way.

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